'Tool of her trade' Meghan Markle beats Kate as royal with ‘biggest fashion influence’


    Whatever Meghan Markle or Kate Middleton choose to wear, millions of royal fans rush out to buy the items and high street retailers and top fashion brands race to replicate them. These two royals are highly influential in the fashion industry. Recent data reveals the Duchess of Cambridge has a bigger overall fashion impact. But the Duchess of Sussex is more popular in terms of the number of searches she received. Express.co.uk spoke to stylist Melita Latham about the two royals fashion choices. 

    A new study conducted by Vera Clinic analysed monthly search volume for key items in both Meghan and Kate’s wardrobes to see who is the most influential and popular fashion-wise. 

    According to the data, Kate was the most influential across the board when it comes to fashion and the research revealed the search term ‘Kate Middleton dress’ had a 114 percent more search than ‘Meghan Markle dress’. 

    When Kate steps out wearing a dress, she gains an average 9,000 UK and US monthly searches. 

    This is compared to the 4,200 searches for when Meghan opts for the same item. 

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    Kate tends to favour dresses whereas Meghan opts for skirts.

    And with the Duchess of Cambridge attending more state banquets to official engagements than her American counterpart, it is no surprise there is more search for the formal dresses she is wearing. 

    Feminine ball gowns are clearly Kate’s thing as she gained 180 monthly searches compared to Meghan’s zero. 

    However, Meghan wins with the total number of key term searches because of her power dressing. 

    ’Meghan Markle suit’ has 37,000 average monthly searches compared to ‘Kate Middleton suit’ which has a mere 230. 

    Megan is well known for her modern style of fashion and loves to sport a suit. 

    Meghan Markle like most actors make a living from being noticed and have to maintain a level that continues to get them noticed,” she explained. “Clothing that projects their personality. 

    In Meghan’s case imagine her wardrobe is her billboard advertisement. It has to say hire me, cast me! 

    “In Meghan’s world dress is a tool.

    “Kate however, has [reportedly] been brought up to marry in the Royal Family and although she certainly is regarded as the most influential royal because of her grace, beauty and figure there is no-one within the existing royal family today to compare to,” Melita continued.. 

    Kate is not looking for her next gig, Kate is not required to deliver earnings and salary, unlike Meghan who has to use fashion because it’s a tool of her trade. 

    “Whilst carrying out royal engagements Meghan stuck with conformity. 

    “Now Meghan is free to wear clothing that mirrors her personality unlike Kate that continues to wear the expected,” she added. 


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