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Top 30 pearls of wisdom older generation pass to younger adults – including being kind


And Jean Palfreyman, 95, was very matter-of-fact when it came to career advice, saying “don’t be put off by others saying you can’t do it”.

“Keeping yourself clean” was another solid bit of advice passed on by 89-year-old Ron Hayes, while Theodosia (Theo) Howells, 97, reminded younger adults to “never give up”.

It comes as research, commissioned by Care UK, revealed the top pearls of wisdom handed down by parents and grandparents – including being kind, start saving from a young age, and don’t be in too much of a hurry to grow up.

Alison Parry, a home manager at Care UK, said: “Older people have so much to offer the younger generations, and it’s lovely to know they are willing to listen.

“Each day we hear the pearls of wisdom that residents have to share – I’ve learnt so much from them, and I know the rest of the team have too!”

Other pearls of wisdom shared by the insightful care home residents of Millers Grange, in Witney, Oxfordshire, included “avoiding trouble if you can help it”, and “keeping yourself to yourself” – cited as being the two main ingredients to living a happy life.

According to the study, as many as 89 percent have put advice they’ve been given into action throughout their everyday life, with over a third (35 percent) finding it very useful.

And it seems adults start young when it comes to taking advice on board, with 24 being the average age for doing so – although 52 percent wish they had listened to it more during their youthful years.

What’s more, 88 percent are grateful for what they’ve been told by their elders, and 56 percent will always rely on them for advice, regardless of how old they are.

Mum evidently does know best, as that is who people go to the most for advice (41 percent) – followed by dads (34 percent) and friends (32 percent).

The top areas people seek advice in include finance (35 percent), health (24 percent), and car issues (23 percent).

And it also seems the familiar phrase “the older you get, the wiser you become” is believed in by two-thirds (65 percent) of all those who took part in the study, by OnePoll.

But when asked about generational shifts, it seems more than half (53 percent) think pearls of wisdom have changed in the last decade.

Advice like “let the man pay on the first date”, “sitting too close to the TV is bad for your eyesight”, and “don’t leave the house with wet hair”, were voted as the most “old fashioned”.

Manners (38 percent), money management (29 percent), and attitudes to work (29 percent) are what people had to thank their elders for the most.

And 57 percent notice they are speaking and acting more like their elders the older they get.

Of those who have children, 41 percent have passed down advice they have been given – with a quarter (26 percent) planning to do this when their kids are old enough to listen.

Nearly half (48 percent) have done it because they agree with what they were told, while a further 48 percent said it has helped them in their everyday life.

But six in ten plan on making up their own “pearls of wisdom” to pass down to their little ones.

Alison Parry added: “We had a wonderful time welcoming in the younger generation for an afternoon of advice sharing.

“Jean, Theo, John, and Ron have lots of words of wisdom to share – some good, some bad, and some hilarious – but nonetheless helpful for those navigating young adulthood.

“Here at Care UK, playing an active role in the community, and ensuring that residents continue to feel a sense of purpose in later life, is incredibly important to us.

“Our wisdom booth initiative is a fantastic way to make new connections and offer residents an opportunity to help others, and we look forward to seeing where it takes us next!”

Care UK homes across the country will also be taking part in the Wisdom Booth project, hosting their own advice sessions for younger generations including school children, new mums, and university students.


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