Top Five Soccer Betting Markets You Should Know

    Soccer Betting
    Soccer Betting

    When it comes to sports betting, there are many options available for you to choose from. You can always try the sports you’re familiar with to ensure you have no trouble playing. In that case, you would need to choose the right betting site. Also, you can check others that are similar to your preferred sport.

    In that case, you might have to learn a few differences. For instance, the betting market is essential to help you get started. Most sports have common grounds, especially when it comes to picks and parlays. Every newbie should know about these prevalent betting features before learning about others.

    Once you know that, you can go to the new sport you want to start betting on to start your learning process. In that case, you can choose the one that works for you. So, if you’re considering soccer betting, we’ve covered you. This guide covers the top five popular betting markets you should know about before jumping into soccer bets.


    The most popular bet you can find in soccer, and many sports is the outright market. You are placing a long-term bet on a particular tournament before or during the competition. You don’t have to wait until the competition starts before you can place an outright bet. For instance, the FIFA World Cup starts in November; you can always bet who to win now.

    You can do this for every major soccer tournament on the betting site you pitch your tent. You can start checking for different outright bets for various leagues across Europe as they prepare to start the 2022/2023 season. Once you have that, you’re good to go, but you need to wait until the competition ends before you can get your wins.

    Match Winner

    Another famous betting market you can find in Soccer bets and many sports is the match-winner option. This is a straightforward bet where you are going for the team you think would win the game. It can be the home or away team, depending on your analysis. Here, you’ll have to make the right decision for your bets.

    In that case, you should consider researching before placing this type of bet. Unless you might lose your money as there is no hedge. You should also know that aside from placing a straight win bet, you can choose the draw option if you think there won’t be a winner in the regular 90 minutes. Or, you can hedge your bet with the double chance option.


    There are many cases when the tie would be between teams that are not closely matched. And as a result, the odds for the game would not be fair because the favorites would have low odds, and the underdog would get something massive. Therefore, bookies have an option where the teams become close according to the odds.

    With handicap, the favorites would get some goals taken away, effectively increasing the odds for them to win. And the underdogs will get goals added to their result, making their winning odd smaller. The team with goals removed will have to cover the margin if they want to win. The other team simply needs to avoid losing by the margin.

    Totals Over/Under

    You can also bet on goal totals. Here, there are different lines that the sportsbook will drop, and you have to choose if the total number of goals for the match will be more or less than the specified number on the line. In that case, you should take the time to check if both teams score plenty of goals or not.

    Aside from the goals Totals market, you’ll find other Totals options that you can bet on. These include the fouls in the game, cards, corners, and so on. The base principle for these options is the same; you just have to predict if the number at the end of the game would be more or less than the one specified.

    Player Bets

    There are different player bets that you can also place if you want to enjoy more from the sports betting world. In that case, you must choose the one that works for you. In this case, you must look at the lineup for both teams to see if they would fulfill the specific option in the bet you want to place.

    The different options can include any time goal scorer, who will score the first goal, which player would get the first card of the game, etc. The options are endless, and they depend on the betting site you join. In that case, you should try to learn more about this market before jumping in to place your bets and be familiar with the players and their influence on their respective teams.

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