Top Study Tips for Nursing Programs

    Nursing Programs
    Nursing Programs

    Nursing programs are a difficult challenge to overcome. It is so because you are not only studying. You have other responsibilities like family and work. All this can make it seem like finishing a nursing program is impossible. Despite the crazy amount of studying you have to do, it is possible to complete your chosen nursing program.

    In this article, we will discuss study tips that can help you.

    Tip #1: Take it Step by Step

    Nursing programs cover a vast amount of material. So, instead of cramming this information the night before your exams, commit to studying a little every day. Two or three hours every day should be enough. In this way, you can build a solid routine that will help keep you consistent in the long run. You will also be able to retain the newer material you learn. Besides, you will avoid burnout. Breaking down large parts of information into small parts will keep you from feeling exhausted. In this way, you will stick to your routine and avoid taking unnecessary breaks.

    Tip #2: Focus on the “WHY”

    As mentioned before, nursing programs can take a lot out of you. Thus, you must know why you are taking a nursing program. There will be times when you will want to give up. Find your mental strength and remind yourself why you started in those moments. It could be that you want a fulfilling career in which you help people along with a decent paycheck, as many people do.

    On that note, if you are looking for a fulfilling nursing program, you should consider becoming a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. You enroll in PMHNP online programs if you lead a busy life for convenience.

    As a PMHNP, you will demand and work with top employers. It is so because, unfortunately, many people suffer from mental health problems. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) estimates that 40 million people suffer from anxiety. Also, according to the WHO statistics, 5 percent of the global population suffers from depression. Even more unfortunate news is that depression is a significant reason for suicides. Statistics report that 800,000 people commit suicide every year. Close to 60 percent of them have major depression. Besides this, there is a shortage of competent mental health professionals. Due to this, most people cannot receive treatment.

    As a PMHNP, you work with individuals and families to assess their issues. Afterward, you will find ways to solve them.

    Besides providing you with a purpose, PMHNP roles provide a massive paycheck. According to PayScale, the average PMHNP earns over $110,000 per year. But, the top-level PMHNPs earn over $140,000 per year.

    Tip #3: Join a Study Group

    Studying alone is doable, though it can be challenging to stay consistent. You can get lazy and fall off track if you get distracted. With a study group, your chances of falling off track or getting distracted get reduced. Research has shown the effectiveness of study groups time and again.

    You can remember 90% of the information you learn with a study group. You can only remember 60% of your learned information if you study alone. It is so because, in a study group, you are actively engaging with the study material. Everyone has to focus on a particular topic and learn it the best they can. Afterward, they have to explain it to everyone else. Doing this over and over again can solidify the information in your brain.

    Tip #4: Focused Study

    When you are studying, you can only focus for 20-30 minutes before your mind begins to wander. It’s a good idea to use this focus time to study concepts and then take a break to review what you have studied. With the number of online resources available, distractions are just a click or a tap away. Thus it’s important to maintain self-discipline to get the most out of your focused study.

    Tip #5: Skim-Read First

    Since you have to memorize a vast amount of material, you should consider skim-reading. In this way, you can warm up your brain and get a sense of what a particular topic is about. Skimming also helps memorize certain terminologies, and concepts, while keeping your mind active.

    Tip #6: Conquer Your Learning Style

    When it comes to learning, some prefer learning orally, while others prefer visuals along with oral lessons. Figure out which learning style suits you and stick to it to gain long-term benefits. You’ll find e-books and online resources that cater to audio and visual forms of learning. You can also participate in group study sessions as teaching a fellow friend can help you memorize concepts better.

    Tip #7: Use Online Medical Resources

    Websites like Mayo Clinic, WebMD, and the American Diabetes Association can help you prepare for your exams. Read up on a few articles on relevant topics before your study sessions to get a basic understanding of the subjects. You’ll find quotations and conversations from industry experts regarding the subject matter you’re studying. This helps make your study material more interesting and easier to retain.

    Tip #8: Meditate

    Studying for nursing programs can be stressful. To help you manage it, you should meditate for at least 5 minutes every day. Meditation has many benefits, one of which is reducing stress. Also, there are many types of meditation. They include:

    • Mindfulness Meditation: With this technique, you focus on either your breath, physical sensations, or a mantra.
    • Spiritual Meditation: With this technique, you focus on a silent or spoken prayer.
    • Visualization Meditation: With this technique, you focus on creating a peaceful or beautiful image in your mind. It could be a beautiful valley or a beach.
    • Focused Meditation: With this technique, you focus on your actions in the present moment.
    • Lastly, we recommend checking out Wim Hof and Michael Seeley on YouTube.

    Tip #9: Get Some Fresh Air

    Taking a break once in a while can help refresh your mind and motivate you to come back stronger. So, instead of logging into Netflix to stream your favorite movies or TV Shows, consider stepping out for some air and exercise. Some fresh air can help you regain focus for your next focused study session; you can also bring in study friends to study together, which will help you remember better.


    While nursing programs can prove difficult, there are ways you can make them easier. It would help if you had a consistent study routine, knowing your “WHY,” and joined a study group. Also, you should remove distractions, skim-read, and figure out your learning style. Lastly, you should use online medical resources, meditate, and relax. Using these tips will help you breeze through nursing programs.

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