Top villains in the Spiderman Universe

    Spiderman Universe
    Spiderman Universe

    From 2002 till today we have seen three different Peter Parker/Spiderman, first Sony in association with Columbia Pictures, then Disney and Marvel presented a trilogy of Spiderman for the fans. Well there is still clash between the fans that which among the three is the best Spiderman. All three are best when it comes to action and acting, however Tobey Maguire is the most loved Spiderman for millennial because of the nostalgic touch.

    If we talk about the Spider verse we not only have amazing spidermans but also we have some all-time best supervillains. These villains from all three spiderman universe are amazing and unique in their own way. Also there are chances that we will see the sinister 6 villains of the spiderman universe in Marvel’s Spiderman-No Way Home movie. It will be really exciting to see whether the other spidermans will return or not.

    We have brought you a list of best Spiderman super villains from all the spiderman movies of Sony, Disney and marvel cinematic universe.

    1. Dr. Otto Octavious/ Dr. Octopus

    Dr. Octopus is the most loved super villain from the spider verse, fans got crazy when they saw that their villain Dr. Octopus is returning the spiderman universe in No way home.

    Octavious is a brilliant scientists, Peter Parker admired his brilliancy but things get change when one of his inventions went wrong and an artificial limb get attached to his body and starts to control his mind. You can watch the movie on Sony Liv application or you can download it from google you will find the link just below Kabaddi betting site. Dr. Octopus was seen in Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman 2004 produced by Sony Pictures.

    • Green Goblin

    The scariest villain of the spider verse Green Goblin was seen in the first installment of the Sony pictures Spiderman. Norman Osborn is a successful businessman who in urge to get a defense deal from the government tries an experiment on him and get himself changed into Green Goblin with Ultimate Power.

    Later his son Harry Osborn who is also a very close friend of Peter Parker becomes Green Goblin and is seen in the Amazing Spiderman 2 movie alongside with Rhino as the two main antagonist of the movie.

    • Venom

    Eddie Brock a famous freelancer photographer who got dismissed from his job goes to a church for salvation there he get infected by an alien symbiote that turns him into Venom.

    Venom was first seen in the Spiderman 3 of Sony Pictures. Later Sony also released his solo movies that is Venom and Venom: Let there be Carnage, these two movies turned out to be savior in Venom’s image he is now seen as a Hero by the fans.

    You can watch Venom on Netflix and don’t worry for the subscription you can play online teen patti real cash game and can earn the subscription amount easily. There are also chances that we can have a Spiderman and Venom movie again as it was suggested in the post credit scene of Venom 2.

    There are also other villains in the spiderman universe like Electro, Rhino, Mysterio, Lizard, Sand man etc.

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