'Total chaos!' Yvette Cooper slams Liz Truss' Tories as Labour's lead reaches 32 percent


    Yvette Cooper has taken aim at Liz Truss’ Government after a turbulent day for the Conservative Party in the House of Commons. The Prime Minister sacked Suella Braverman after the former Home Secretary emailed classified files via her personal account and as the pair engaged in a 90-minute shouting match over post-Brexit immigration controls.

    Ex-Transport Secretary Grant Shapps replaced Ms Braverman at the Home Office before chaotic scenes hit the Commons while MPs were asked to vote on fracking.

    Speaking about yesterday’s events on BBC Newsnight, the Shadow Home Secretary did not pull her punches.

    Ms Cooper, who is married to former Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, said: “It’s been just total chaos today.

    “I think that the Conservative Party has to take some responsibility for this.

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    “The Government is effectively falling apart when you’ve got the Home Secretary sacked, the Chancellor sacked five days ago, the Chief Whip apparently sacked and then ‘unsacked’ in the course of the chaos this evening.”

    Ms Cooper, who saw her majority in Normanton, Pontefract & Castleford collapse to just 1,276 in 2019, added: “There’s no focus from this Government on people across the country who need support because they’re just fighting among themselves.”

    The Shadow Home Secretary’s comments come just days after Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer called for a general election.

    The Leader of the Opposition told the Guardian: “It [the Tory Party] has got no ideas, it can’t face the future and it has left the UK in a defensive crouch where we are not facing the challenges of the future because we haven’t got a Government that could lead us to the future.

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    Deputy leader Daisy Cooper said: “It’s time for Liz Truss to accept that the game is up.

    “This chaotic Government no longer even has control over its own MPs, let alone our economy.

    “Families around the country are worried about putting food on the table while the Conservatives are fighting each other like rats in a sack.

    “It’s time to end this daily Conservative soap opera and call a general election so we can get rid of this collapsing and failing Government.”


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