Trevor Phillips brutally slaps down Hancock with heartbreaking tribute to tragic daughter


    Sky News’ Trevor Phillips broke ranks from his usual line of questioning to administer a devastating personal attack based on a heartbreaking family tragedy. His words followed news of Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s breaking his own social distancing rules which the public has been ordered to follow for the past 18 months. During an interview with Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis, Mr Phillips asked why Covid rule-maker Matt Hancock thought it acceptable to break social distancing rules with an aide while he had to bury his own daughter and was not allowed to hug family and friends because of the standing rules.

    Mr Phillips said: “Mr Lewis, I wouldn’t normally do something like this, but I want to put to you a private and personal question I guess.

    “Over the past two days, every Cabinet minister, including you, has come out to essentially defend the Prime Minister and Matt Hancock

    “The pictures that we saw were of an encounter on May 6.

    “On May 11 – my family buried my daughter who had died not of Covid but during the lockdown.

    “300 of our family and friends turned up online but most of them were not allowed to be at the graveside even though it is in the open air because of the rule of 30.

    “Because of the instruction by Mr. Hancock.”

    And in a stoic moment, Mr Phillips hammered: “Now the next time one of you tells me what to do in my private life, explain to me why I shouldn’t just tell you where to get off!

    Brandon Lewis replied: “Well I absolutely accept and understand the frustration and anger people have been through the situation they have been through… that is such a tragic situation for any of us to be in.

    “What Matt did was wrong.”

    More to follow…


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