UK snow forecast: Savage Eastern European freeze ready to 'fire up' snow showers in days


    Maps and charts show that the week starting November 24 has a chance of snowfall across mainland Britain, with some snowfall set for Wednesday in northern areas. As the month comes to an end and winter sets in, forecasters said the UK will chill in near-zero temperatures.

    Jim NR Dale, British Weather Services told the weather has been “sanguine” so far this month, with colder conditions to come.

    He said: “Minor frosts into the early part of next week.

    “The longer term around 25th/26th appears colder still and snow will be a factor for Scotland – especially the higher ground and the Grampians and Highlands; the snow events possibly migrating into northern England and north Wales by month’s end, where temperatures will be lowest.

    “Well before that and through this week, morning fog will be a factor – dense in parts, akin to this morning.

    “The weather in the UK has been sanguine, too sanguine for the season we are in.

    “I do believe we will see the other side of the coin as we push into December – in terms of all the severity of most of the elements of weather.”

    Oliver Claydon, Met Office, told the week ahead could see the mercury drop, with a risk of snow not uncommon for this time of year.

    He said: “Long-lead models are showing there is a chance for things to turn a bit colder in the middle of next week.

    “Uncertainty is hinged around an area of high pressure, if it’s further to the west then it could pull a chance of snow from the North.

    “As we get towards the end of November, it’s not an uncommon weather occurrence to see snow, and there is a level of uncertainty several different models show several different outcomes.

    “It’s worth noting that temperatures are likely to be milder than average this week, with mild temperatures continuing throughout the working week and colder temperatures by the weekend.

    “Nothing in the forecasts for frosts, certainly nothing widespread.”

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    AccuWeather forecaster Tyler Ros also told “The threat for snow between November 17 and 22 looks to be around normal for the time of the year, which is any accumulating snow is likely to occur in the higher elevations of northern England and Scotland.

    “We do have to watch a cold snap that appears to move into Eastern Europe early next week.

    “If this bleeds westward towards the UK, with the core of the cold remaining in Eastern Europe, then the temperatures will be near to slightly below normal during this stretch.

    “This then would fire up some North Sea Sea Effect showers coming in from the east.

    “If the hills are cold enough in northern England and in Scotland, these showers are more likely to be wintry.”


    Jo Farrow, Netweather forecaster, said to the week to come “is still looking mild”.

    She said: “No widespread air frost and the only chance of snow will be in wintry showers over the tops of the Scottish mountains during Tuesday night as colder air brushes past.

    “Northwest Scotland will often be wet and windy but it’s more settled further south thanks to a lingering high pressure.

    “Even milder air by Thursday lifting temperatures into the mid-teens.”

    WXCharts show the mercury could drop as low as -7C the week of November 23, with the frostiest conditions in the far north of Scotland.

    But even in England, as far south as Brighton, East Sussex, could be plunged into minus figures.

    Until November 27 there is a chance of wintry showers, with a high chance of frost, fog and brisk gusts in northern areas.

    Then from November 27 there is a risk of snow and ice, with spells of rain and high winds.


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