UK storm forecast: Lightning blitz & heavy showers to END heatwave – 'Big change' in hours


    BBC Weather: UK forecast sunny and humid conditions

    Southern Britain basked in temperatures around the high 20s, sometimes crossing into the 30s, on Tuesday with more expected on Wednesday afternoon. An area of low pressure moving away from the British Isles has dragged hotter air north from France, creating uncharacteristically warm conditions for the time of year.

    However, on Thursday conditions are forecast to change sharply, with heavy rain and the risk of some showers.

    Netweather TV explains: “On Thursday a band of rain will move northwards, spreading through most of England and Wales overnight Wednesday/Thursday and then becoming slow-moving across northern England and southern Scotland.

    “There may again be some thunderstorms embedded in the rain, especially in the south.

    “Following behind, brighter weather with scattered thundery showers will develop over the rest of England and Wales, and this will also spread into Northern Ireland.”


    Thunderstorms could strike Britain on Thursday (Image: GETTY/WXCHART)


    “On Thursday a band of rain will move northwards” (Image: WXCHARTS)

    Temperatures will drop, with London expecting 22C on Thursday afternoon and Edinburgh 20C.

    The hottest weather will be along the east coast of England, with a high of around 25C forecast for Norwich.

    Westerly parts of Britain will be cooler, with temperatures peaking at 19C in Cornwall and Belfast and maxing up at 15C for the Western Isles.

    Thursday’s showers could cause “flash flooding” for parts of Britain according to Jim Dale, a British Weather Services forecaster.

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    The wet weather will continue into Friday (Image: WXCHARTS)

    Speaking to he said: “There will be thunderstorms from Wednesday and Thursday this week.

    “From Thursday, the scattered thunderstorms are likely to become more widespread in England and Wales.

    “Low pressure from the south will push the high ridge of hot air away by the end of the week, which could cause flash flooding, hail, storms and even mini-tornados if you’re really unlucky.

    “So people should be prepared if they are planning to walk in the park with a t-shirt on.


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    “There will be thunderstorms from Wednesday and Thursday” (Image: GETTY)


    The autumn heatwave will continue into Wednesday afternoon (Image: WXCHARTS)

    “This is not our normal latitude for this time of year as we do not normally get this sort of heat in September. This is definitely unusual.”

    BBC Weather presenter Chris Fawkes also forecast a dramatic change in conditions on Thursday.

    He commented: “Thursday’s a big change in weather fortunes really, most of us will see rain pushing northwards followed by brighter spells and some heavy showers that are likely to be thundery at times.”

    Before Thursday’s drop, temperatures will stay warm on Wednesday afternoon with 28C for London and 27C for Glasgow.

    BBC Weather: Temperatures continue to rise during heatwave

    England’s weather is similar to Tuesday, but Scotland has seen a significant increase in temperature.

    However western Britain will be cooler, with 22C for Liverpool and 19C for Cornwall.

    Showers, with some thunderstorms, will continue into Friday and the weekend.


    London has been basking in late 20C temperatures (Image: GETTY)

    Netweather TV said: “Looking further ahead, Friday and Saturday look set to be mainly cloudy with fewer showers and thunderstorms around as high pressure slowly rebuilds from the west.

    “Temperatures will generally be a little above average for the time of year, peaking at 22 to 24C in central and eastern parts of England.

    “The longer-term outlook sees high pressure re-establish across northern Britain, promising plenty of warm dry sunny weather for north-western Britain but potentially more cloud for the south and east.”


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