Ukraine LIVE: Putin's desperate troops poised to flee Kherson – Zelensky's forces close in


    Vladimir Putin’s troops could be on the brink of fleeing Kherson as Ukrainian troops close in on them, according to the British Ministry of Defence. In its latest intelligence briefing, the Ministry pointed out that it was “highly unusual” that Russia highlights “any negative news” about what it calls a “special operation” in Ukraine as it had been in Kherson over the past few days. A statement said: “It likely indicates that the Russian authorities are seriously considering a major withdrawal of their forces from the area west of the Dnipro river. A key challenge of any Russian withdrawal operation would be extracting troops and their equipment across the 1000m wide river in good order. With all the permanent bridges severely damaged, Russia would highly likely rely heavily on a temporary barge bridge it completed near Kherson in recent days, and military pontoon ferry units, which continue to operate at several locations.”



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