Ukraine LIVE: Putin's soldiers revolt and claim they've been 'thrown out like dogs'


    Russian mobilised soldiers from Krasnodar have vented their fury over their poor treatment since being called up. In a video posted to social media, they say they have been literally “thrown out like dogs” and abandoned in the fields of Ukraine.

    The men add that they have to live in holes, which they were forced to dig with their bare hands and lack both ammunition and medicines to treat their sick.

    The soldiers said: “For a month we were being prepared for something, although it’s not clear what for.

    “We were transported back and forth and now it turns out we are somewhere in the fields of Ukraine.

    “We are just thrown out like dogs, here, really in the fields. We live just in the field.

    “There is no information, no command. No radios, no ammunition, no shit.”

    The harrowing accounts of life in the Russian army will do little to ease panic at home for Putin. Millions of men are fleeing to neighbouring nations in a desperate bid to avoid conscription following the Russian leader’s mobilisation announcement on September 21.



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