Universal Credit debate LIVE: Labour plot unveiled – Starmer to force Commons vote TODAY


    The Government has confirmed that it will cut the extra £20 a week given to Universal Credit claimants throughout the pandemic. This will impact millions of claimants, who will lose out on £1,040 annually. At present, the UK Government is set to slash benefits by £20 a week from October 6.

    The Government has said the move has been made as there needs to be a shift to getting people back to work.

    This is despite the fact that the latest Department for Work and Pensions figures show that almost 40 percent of people receiving Universal Credit are also in employment.

    Many charities have also warned that removing the extra payment, while the country is still recovering from the pandemic, could allow millions of people to slide into poverty.

    The Prime Minister is likely to order Tory MPs to abstain from the motion, however, this could lead to a small number of MPs rebelling.

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    In January, six Tory MPs rebelled against the Government and voted for an extension to emergency Universal Credit payments.

    Labour has repeatedly urged against cutting the uplift.

    They described the decision, alongside the move to increase National Insurance contributions to fund the NHS and social care as a “double whammy” for households on low income.

    Jonathan Reynold’s, Labour’s shadow Work and Pensions Secretary said: “Today, Labour is giving Conservative MPs the chance to do the right thing.

    “They must choose between their blind loyalty to the Prime Minister and looking after their constituents.

    “This cut will be a hammer blow to working families and will dampen our economic recovery. Labour is on the side of working people while the Government wants to cut incomes and raise taxes.

    “Now is the time for the Government to see sense, back struggling families, and cancel their cut to Universal Credit.”



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