Urgent Highway Code warning issued to drivers ahead of changes within weeks


    With the clocks due to go back on October 30, drivers should be aware of the heightened risks that come with travelling during the darker nights. From maintaining a healthy speed to ensuring vehicles are fitted with substantial headlights, there are several ways drivers can increase their safety on the roads throughout the colder months. 

    Rule 94 – Glasses

    It states: “At night or in poor visibility, do not use tinted glasses, lenses or visors if they restrict your vision.”

    While this is a simple rule, ensuring strong visibility on winter roads is key to maintaining safe driving.

    With the nights getting longer, more drivers will be commuting in the dark, meaning it is vital for them to be safe and to make sure they can see the road ahead.

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    It also provides an illustration of the correct manner in which drivers should act, showing a half-cleared windscreen with frost covering a pedestrian waiting to cross the road.

    In fact, motorists should clear the whole windscreen to ensure they have a full view of the road.

    With temperatures dropping, Britain may see snow in the coming months with people hoping for a white Christmas.

    However, this comes with its own issues, with drivers being told to remove all snow from their car which could fall off into the path of other road users.

    Drivers should also check their planned route is clear of delays and that no further snowfalls or severe weather are predicted.


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