'Very distasteful': Meghan and Harry slammed for Netflix 'vanity project'


    Meghan and Harry’s upcoming Netflix series amounts to a “vanity project”, according to one Royal watcher. Sources have said the series will screen this year following speculation that it would be postponed due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

    Royal commentator Nile Gardiner said that the timing of the release made it “especially” distasteful.

    “My view this is all it’s all rather distasteful especially in the aftermath of the Queen’s death,” Mr Gardiner said. “Megan seems determined to advance her own image and standing.”

    The Netflix deal, signed after the couple stepped down from Royal life, is reported to be worth a staggering $100 million. Both the Sussexes and the streaming giant have been tight lipped about the content of the docuseries.

    “The Netflix documentary is just a vanity project and also, very clearly Megan is trading off her royal title and connections here,” Mr Gardiner said of the series.

    He added: “She shouldn’t be doing that really. She should be respecting what the monarchy is all about what it stands for.

    “And she should not be using the moment as a launch pad for her own huge ambitions. So, this is all very, very distasteful, what is happening.”

    Recently, Meghan has given a series of high profile interviews in recent months and has launched her Spotify podcast Archetypes.

    Mr Gardiner said that this is all a part of a “huge publicity campaign” by the Sussexes to help Meghan build her “empire”.

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    It is highly unlikely that either Prince Harry’s memoir or the upcoming docuseries would be critical of the Queen herself, however there has been speculation they might hit out at other senior Royals.

    The release of Harry’s memoir, scheduled for this year, has been pushed until 2023, likely as a show of respect for Her Majesty.

    In her most recent interview with Variety, Meghan said she felt “fortunate” to have had a “nice warmth” with the Queen.

    She added that following the Queen’s death, her and Harry have been “focusing” on their charitable foundation, Archewell.


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