Vet outlines the issue 'skyrocketing' in dogs and what to do to at home


    Dr Scott appeared on This Morning today to offer his best veterinary advice to viewers. After warning audiences of lungworm – a lethal disease that dogs can be exposed to – Dr Scott went on to speak about grass seeds.

    After his veterinary segment had come to an end, presenter Dermot O’Leary asked Dr Scott: “What are you doing today?”

    The vet said: “Today I’ve just removed some grass seeds from a dog.

    “And I will say it’s a real big thing at the moment.

    “Grass seeds are absolutely everywhere so please check between the toes and in the ears of your little pooch, because grass seeds are everywhere and we’re seeing them every day.”

    All dogs can be affected by grass seeds, but breeds with longer coats are more likely to get the seeds stuck in their coats.

    Dogs that enjoy bounding through long grass, such as springer spaniels, are also more likley to be affected.

    To minimise the risk of grass seeds burrowing into the skin, keep hair around ears and paws short.

    If you do find a grass seed on your dog, remove it immediatley.

    However, if you think a seed has started to get into your dog’s skin, or that your pet might have one in it’s eyes or ears, the best thing to do is contact your vet.


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