Vettel hits out at Alonso and Sainz crashes out in carnage first lap at Japanese GP


    Sebastian Vettel has hit out at Fernando Alonso after a carnage on the first lap at the Japanese Grand Prix. The German was involved in an incident at turn one as his tyres made contact with the F1 legend. 

    The impact was enough to throw Vettel off the track and into the gravel trap, throwing away his excellent qualifying performance yesterday. The accident was enough for the four-time champion swiping back at the Alpine star. 

    Moaning over team radio, Vettel said: “I got hit by Alonso, very bad.” However, onboard footage from Alonso’s car appeared to show Vewttel turning into the Spaniard as Vettel tried to make the corner.

    Just moments later, Carlos Sainz was also forced out of the Japanese Grand Prix after a heavy crash on lap one. The Ferrari driver lost control on the run up to Spoon curve after driving through running water 


    The spin threw the car across the track and into the barrier, ripping debris and tyres off his car. Jenson Button said Sainz was “lucky” he wasn’t collected by other cars as he flew across the racing line.


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