‘Vital’ task to prolong the life of your garden plants – also ‘ensures they look great’


    4. Add fragrance 

    Beyond structure and aesthetic value, the experts shared that gardeners can add fragrant plants to their garden for an extra edge. 

    He said: “From honeysuckle to wintersweet, these striking and perfumed plants will have visitors stopping in their tracks.”

    5. Use ornamental grasses

    Ornamental grasses are versatile, hardy and spectacular, bringing movement, texture and drama to gardens of all styles, nearly all year round. They can be woven through borders, used as a focal point, scattered through gravel gardens and planted in containers. 

    Easy to grow, low maintenance and available in many beautiful shapes, sizes and styles, they are ideal for beginners and experienced gardeners alike.

    Ornamental grasses are an invaluable addition to the winter garden. Waving gracefully in the slightest breeze, they add movement to gardens, but also colour since most turn shades of bronze, tan or russet in the cooler months to create an impressive display.

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