Watch out Sky! Virgin Media fights back with a cheaper way to watch TV


    The streaming wars have just gone into overdrive! Sky has just launched its all-new Stream box which offers customers the option to view content without needing a dish stuck to their walls. This little device also features full access to services such as Netflix and Disney+ plus there’s even the ability to virtually record content via the special Playlists feature. This uses Sky’s cloud-based recording and on-demand players to store things that can then be watched at a later date.

    Owners also get full voice controls, premium backlit remote control and the box can stream in full 4K definition for a pin-sharp picture.

    Sky Stream went on sale earlier this week and with prices starting from £26 per month which includes basic Freeview and Sky channels plus full access to Netflix. That price is based on an 18-month contract with Sky also offering a £29 plan which can be cancelled at any time.

    With no installation needed it’s certainly a hassle-free way to watch TV but before you take the plunge, Virgin Media is reminding consumers about its own box which launched earlier this year.

    Also called Stream, this device connects to your broadband to show content on the big screen in your living room. It also features all the usual streaming apps and is fully 4K compatible. Virgin also makes it easy to watch content from other providers by allowing customers to add services such as Netflix and Disney+ to their bill. These can also be chopped and changed each month.

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    With Sky now launching its new and very similar product, Virgin clearly doesn’t wany its Stream box to be forgotten and is offering some big discounts on contnet in a bid to boost its exposure.

    For example, users can currently get BT Sport access for just £10 per month or Sky Sports beamed to their TVs for £18.75. There’s also Sky Cinema fo £10 and Virgin is also offering to scrap its usual fee for its Stream box when customers also take M350, M500 or Gig1 broadband only packages.

    All of these deals beat Sky Stream on price so it’s definitey worth checking out which option best suits your needs.

    It’s also worth noting that whilst Virgin is a bit less expensive, it doesn’t offer as many apps with services such as Peacock and Apple TV+ missing from the platform.

    Virgin Stream is also only available to those with the firm’s broadband whereas Sky is more open with this box connecting to internet access from rival Internet Service Providers.

    You can find full details about Virgin Stream here or for those wanting Sky Stream, there’s a dedicated webpage here.


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