'We have monarchy from Germany' Lammy hits out at ethnic nationalism 'Can become English'


    The Labour Party’s David Lammy discussed the importance of civic nationalism in the UK, where people can become English or British if they are from another part of the world. The Labour MP highlighted the UK Royal Family’s foreign ancestry with Queen Elizabeth II’s ancestors from Germany and the late Prince Philip’s Greek heritage. 

    Mr Lammy said: “The truth is we have a monarchy, the Queen and those before them came from Germany.

    “When Prince Philip died there was a lot of chat about the fact we had come from Greece and was partly Danish.

    “You can come to this country, be born in this country and of course become English or British if you are from another part of the [world].

    “I would hope we have a civic nationalism that we can all be part of, not some sort of ethnic nationalism that means you have got to have ancestors that were part of these isles going back hundreds of years.”


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