'We will go on!' Taliban claims of taking 'complete control' spur new resistance fightback


    Following the Taliban’s claims they had taken control of Panjshir, the last rebel stronghold in Afghanistan, rebel officials refuted reports they had collapsed. Now Ahmad Massoud, the Former Minister of Defense, has stated: “We are in Panjshir and our Resistance will continue.”

    Posting on his Twitter, Mr Massoud refuted claims the resistance had fallen despite the Taliban claiming they had taken Panjshir.

    He wrote in a separate post: “This is what strenght is. To fight for your religion, your dignity, your nation. 

    “Nothing is more honorable.  

    “My family from Balkh to Panjshir are resisting, Taliban are out to kill our families, either going door to door or in Panjshir!!!”



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