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Weight loss: Woman lost 2st by reducing popular drink intake after not fitting in jeans



Different diets and exercise regimes work differently for different people. For Joanne Trimarco, cutting certain foods and drinks from her diet helped her to lose weight.

“As it was all-inclusive, we drank and ate everything we wanted.

“Then we had to travel to Edinburgh for the new year.

“When I tried fitting into my jeans, I couldn’t.

“Luckily, I had another pair of bigger jeans which fit me perfectly, even though they were normally baggy on me.”


Not fitting into her clothes motivated Joanne to do something about it.

She said: “As soon as I came back from Edinburgh, I went back to the gym and found a more inspirational personal trainer.

“I was working with my PT twice a week and working out four to five times a week, normally in the mornings and lunchtime.”

Joanne added that she would do cardio and weights in the gym and, when the gym closed due to the pandemic, she bought fitness equipment to use at home.

“I bought a spin bike and free weights and would exercise at home and would go walking every day,” Joanne explained.

As she was doing more exercise than ever before, Joanne needed to take her of her muscles and ensure she recovered from her workouts.

She said: “Due to working out on most days, my muscles would be sore so I could not push myself the following day, so a friend mentioned trying CurraNZ – New Zealand blackcurrant extract.

“It has a multitude of benefits proven to make exercise easier, boost muscle recovery and mood and enhance cardiovascular function.”

As well as adding exercise to her daily routine, Joanne knew she had to change her diet too.

She started to reduce her alcohol intake, drinking only when she went out with friends, instead of drinking alone in the house.

Joanne explained: “I was drinking a lot of alcohol, starting Friday until Sunday.

“My food intake wasn’t too bad but had my bad days.

“Crisps were my downfall.”

She added: “I now only drink alcohol when I go out and use a calorie and fitness tracker on a daily basis.

“I don’t drink alone at home and not even through all the lockdowns.

“I will only drink alcohol on special occasions and during Zoom calls with the girls, and I normally restrict alcohol to one evening at the weekend.”


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