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What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth?

What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth
What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth

What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth? Dinosaurs like Nigersaurus, also known as a Nige lizard, existed in the early stages of life 121-99 million years ago.

With more than 500 teeth, this remarkable dinosaur was a herbivore. Sauropod herbivore Nigersaurus was a giant herbivore that mainly walked on all fours, belonging to the sauropod family. Dinosaurs and the diplodocus are two more well-known sauropods.

When it comes to length and weight, sauropods clock in at 15 meters (30 feet) while African elephants clock in at 4 tonnes.

Numerous post-skull bones have been discovered in Niger, Algeria, and Tunisia, suggesting that this dinosaur originated in the core area of North Africa that we now know. Central Niger’s Elrhaz Formation, also known as Gadoufaoua, has yielded several noteworthy finds.

After a more detailed and complete finding of the site in late 1999, the specimen of Nigersaurus was given its proper name. Nigersaurus taqueria, named for the French paleontologist who found the sauropod corpse, is the only known species in the genus.

Nigersaurus Teeth

The Nigersaurus has more than 500 teeth, one of its most notable characteristics. The Sahara Desert is currently thought to be the primary habitat of this unusual ruminant. Large and broad mouths are better for collecting foodstuffs. Behind the skull, the nose widens. In addition to comparing Nigersaurus to a vacuum cleaner’s face, paleontologist Paul Sereno has also been known to do so.

The recreated bone demonstrates that the mouth of Sereno vacuum cleaners is quite similar to the margins of appliances, which is an actual observation.

In addition to the oversized side holes, the broad mouth has a skull aperture and animal bones, making it an ideal tool for foraging. There are more than 500 teeth in the wide nose, which is claimed to be changed every 14 days.

Nigersaurus had jaws, teeth, and a mouth that were at the very least unconventional. As far as we know, it’s the only quadruped whose jaws are broader than its cranium from a morphological standpoint. Furthermore, it is the only quadruped to evaluate teeth that develop horizontally in front of the mouth.

When it comes to sauropod dinosaurs, this strange creature possessed a tooth structure that was unheard of. The Nigersaurus’ tooth needle represents another first for the sauropod family. Triceratops and other beak herbivores, such as pterosaurs, often had tooth batteries, while sauropods didn’t have them.

Dental acupuncture is a very effective therapy option for those on a grazing diet. Replaceable teeth are stated to be piled vertically, and, as one column wears, the tooth in front of it is said to be used to replace it. Similar to the fruit pea, the teeth are arranged in precise rows. Because of this, tooth battery dinosaurs could readily develop hundreds of new and old teeth in their mouths simultaneously if they had the technology.

About 60 tiny needle-like pillars protruded from the Nigersaurus’ upper jaw. The lower jaw has around 68 posts. As a fundamental pillar, Nigersaurus possessed 500 teeth moreover. On the lower jaw, there were nine pairs of prosthetic teeth.

Teeth belonging to the Nigersaurus species are distinctive because of how they are aligned. Pulling leaves between tree trunks is much more difficult with horizontal teeth in front of the mouth. Nigersaurus seems to be foraging and grazing on the ground, as shown by these discoveries. As a result, “dairy cow” has become a common moniker.

There is no better companion for foraging among lowland plants than the broad nose. To cultivate plants, dinosaurs with many teeth should not have any difficulty. There is a 14-day replacement interval for Nigersaurus’ teeth because it grazes in bunk beds.

Nigersaurus Characteristics

The following are some of Nigersaurus’ features:

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Nigersaurus Size

The sauropods, of which the Nigersaurus was a member, were the world’s most giant land animals. The Nigersaurus was smaller than other sauropods, including Brachiosaurus or Diplodocus. The Nigersaurus was supposed to be 30 feet long, while the normal Diplodocus was reported to be 85 feet long. The diplodocus weighed an average of 25 tons, while these little giants weighed the same as a current African elephant (about 4-5 tons). We may thus classify the Nigersaurus as a “little giant” in the grand scheme of things. Compared to other family members, the Nigersaurus had a much smaller neck.

Nigersaurus Weight

It may have weighed roughly 4 tons (4.4 short tons). Thirteen cervical vertebrae gave it a fast neck for a sauropod. Rebbachisaurids were mostly short-necked dinosaurs with a maximum length of 10 meters (33 feet). Rebbachisaurus, the smallest member of the family, grew to a size comparable to the more enormous sauropods.

Nigersaurus Skull

Its skull was adapted to eating. It possessed extensive side fenestrae, skull holes, and slender bones. It has a large snout with about 500 teeth changed every 14 days. Their beak-like jaws may have possessed keratinous sheaths. The only known tetrapod with jaws broader than the head and teeth extending across the front was Nigersaurus. The upper jaw teeth may have been 20–30% larger than the lower jaw teeth.

Each active tooth had nine replacement teeth inside the jaw. These so-called dental batteries had over 500 functional and replacement teeth in 68 upper and 60 lower jaw columns. Nigersaurus’ enamel was highly asymmetrical, ten times thicker on the outside than the inner side.


Due to Nigersaurus’ outstanding teeth, it doesn’t take first place in this category among all dinosaurs. There have been reports of hadrosaurs having 1,400 teeth. Among living creatures, their teeth were thought to be the most sophisticated. There you have it, a 500-teeth dinosaur. The dinosaur is known as the Nigersaurus. Even if it doesn’t have the most impressive skeleton of any dinosaur, this strange and unusual sauropod is sure to get people’s attention. With that many teeth at their disposal, what else are you supposed to expect?

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