What is beaning? Concern over TikTok trend sees shops warned to refuse baked beans



    One TikTok video by user @chipr.beans which has 2 million views simply shows someone emptying a tin of baked beans on someone’s doormat outside their front door.

    @chipr.beans’ videos have more than 700 thousand likes.

    Associated hashtags include #beanbanditz.

    Baked Beans giant Heinz are ‘appalled’ at the viral trend. 

    Nigel Dickie, a spokesperson for Heinz UK, said: “We are appalled to waste beans like this when Beanz Meanz More and we know that 1 in 5 kids arrive at school too hungry to learn.

    “It’s why we are donating 3m kids meals to our charity partners Magic Breakfast when you buy Heinz Beanz in Tesco stores. They are too good to waste.”

    However, unlike previous annoying but harmless trends like planking, the Harlem Shake or the mannequin challenge, beaning can have serious consequences.


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