'When advantageous to you!' Sturgeon mocked for running from IndyRef after damning poll


    Speaking to Trevor Phillips on Sky Scotland’s First Minister was questioned by Mr Phillip’s that she was waiting out for a “politcally advantageous” time to call a second independence referendum. But the comments sparked fury from Ms Sturgeon who went on a furious defensive claiming she was “very confident” Scotland would vote independence in the event of a second IndyRef. And then in a bizarre moment she suggested it was “right” that the country gets to “choose its future” despite a recent poll seeing dwindling support for a second vote on independence.

    Mr Phillip’s jokingly said: There are some nasty cyclical people who sy that the judgement you really want to make is ‘when will it be more likely that you get the answer ‘Yes’ from a referendum.

    “Because right now the polls don’t tell you ‘yes’ we want a referendum or indeed if there were one, that you would definitely win.

    “And that really when you say Covid permitting, what you really mean is when it is politically advantageous to me Nicola Sturgeon!”

    The First Minister slammed: “My primary consideration and the two are not completely divorced from each other.I think it is right that the country gets to chose its future.

    “There are big decisions that are to be made by governments everywhere as we emerge from this pandemic.”

    Ms Sturgeon then launched a bizarre attack questioning the democratic nature of Westminster as she set about a brutal takedown of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

    She said: “Who do we want making these decisions? Democratically elected politicians here in Scotland guided by the values of the Scottish people…

    “Or governments like Boris Johnson’s in Westminster that we don’t vote for!

    “So that is the choice and we should get to make that choice when the time is right for the country to do so.”

    But her comments were met with a backlash as, despite the First Minister’s claims, almost a quarter of people who voted “yes” in 2014 do not believe there should be another Scottish independence referendum, according to a new poll.

    The research found that exactly half of voters do not want another constitutional ballot including 16 percent of those who backed the SNP in the Holyrood election in May.

    And an astonishing 23 percent of those who voted for Scotland to leave the UK seven years ago also feel the same way. By comparison, 44 percent of those surveyed would like a referendum to be held.

    While one person tweeted: “That’s odd, because the vote was 7 years ago and we said No.”

    More to follow…


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