When should I take my child to A&E? Emergency departments flooded with sick children


    The NHS website advises when looking after an ill child you should:

    • Keep the room airy without being draughty. If the room is too warm, they’ll probably feel worse.

    • Give your child plenty to drink. For the first day or so don’t bother about food unless they want it. After that, start trying to tempt them with bits of food and encouraging them to have nutritious drinks like milk.

    • Try to give your child time for quiet games, stories, company and comfort.

    • Sick children get very tired and need plenty of rest. Encourage your child to doze off when they need to, perhaps with a story read by you or on tape or CD.

    • Never fall asleep with a sick baby on the sofa with you, even if you’re both exhausted. This increases the chances of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).


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