Why Men Love Anal Sex & What Their Partners Should Know

    Men Love Anal Sex
    Men Love Anal Sex

    Anal sex is often looked upon as an embarrassing act, something that men do to satisfy their sexual desires. In reality, anal sex is the perfect balance of comfortable and pleasurable.

    It’s just a matter of being informed and comfortable with your boundaries. Sure, it’s not for everyone but millions of people enjoy anal sex on a regular basis.

    The best part is, it’s not just for men. It is possible to enjoy anal sex with a woman, too.

    If you are a woman who is in a relationship with a man, you should know about this amazing experience.

    Likewise, it is good to be aware of the term for those who have an ass fetish. It’s called Pygophilia and it means a person who has a deep desire to touch, lick, and overall feel another persons ass.

    This is a common fetish and is deeply connected to why so many men love to watch women twerk and gyrate their hips. Perhaps nowhere is the big butt fetish or ass fetsh more well known these days then on big ass cams.

    Men Love Anal Sex

    That’s a topic for another day, but the fact is that a large percentage of the adult population has an attraction to asses of either the opposite of the same sex.

    At any rate, as far as the health implication of anal sex, you should know the risks as well as the basics to having a pleasurable anal sex experience if you are both the giver or the receiver.

    Anal sex is a sexual practice in which the sexual partner inserts the erect penis into a person’s anus, or anus and rectum, for sexual pleasure. It is sometimes called anal intercourse, anal sex, or analingus.

    In the United States, anal sex is the most common sexual activity among heterosexuals and gay men.

    What are the benefits of anal sex?

    Anal sex is a sexual activity involving the insertion of a male’s penis into a woman’s rectum.

    The male’s penis enters the woman’s anus, while the woman’s partner may also stimulate her vulva.The male’s scrotum may be involved in the stimulation.

    The term “anal sex” often implies penile-anal penetration, as well as anal penetration by other body parts.

    What are the risks of anal sex?

    The risks of anal sex are minimal. The risk of getting a bacterial infection is very low, but it is still possible.

    The virus that causes AIDS can be spread through anal sex.

    The risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection is also very low, but it can happen. It is possible to get a urinary tract infection from anal sex.

    The risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease is very low, but it is still possible.

    It is also possible to get an infection from the person you have anal sex with.

    How do men feel about anal sex?

    In general, men are more open to anal sex than women.

    This is because they enjoy the feeling of a lot of penetration, which is achieved by ejaculating inside the woman.

    Men are also more likely to enjoy the taboo aspect of anal sex. If you are looking to turn your man on, you should consider anal sex.

    Many people find anal sex to be more pleasurable than vaginal sex because it offers a different feeling.

    Additionally, the prostate gland is located in the rectum and men are likely to reach orgasm quicker during anal sex.

    In conclusion men love anal sex and a lot of men have a good time with it and women can too; you just need to know the risks and how to do it right.

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