'World is terrified!' Russia on path to 'nuclear war' as Putin feels danger of defeat


    Vladimir Putin is on course of deploying nuclear weapons in his war against Ukraine, an American public policy analyst said. The Russian leader has made a series of nuclear threats that have intensified in this last few weeks, as his troops have been forced to retreat from the frontline in Ukraine. Jeffrey Sachs, an American economist who tried to pull back Russia’s economy from the brink of collapse in the early 1990s, joined other military experts in saying the threat of nuclear weapons should be taken seriously.

    Pr Sachs told Bloomberg Radio: “I am very worried that we’re on a path of escalation to nuclear war – nothing less than that. 

    “We have essentially a war in which Russia feels that this war is at its core of its security interests. 

    “The United States insists that it will do anything to support Ukraine’s defeat of Russia. Russia views this as a proxy war with the United States. 

    “And whatever one thinks about this, this a path of extraordinarily dangerous escalation,” Pr Sachs said.

    “Most of the world is terrified now frankly because it’s unbelievable to be hearing on one side: ‘well, we’ll nuclear weapons if we need to.’

    “And the other side is saying: ‘You can’t frighten us.'”

    The professor from Columbia University added part of the world dislikes NATO’s expansion, which is interpreted as the cause for the conflict. 

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