You ignored a democratic vote! John Major faces huge backlash as he hits out at Boris over



    Ex-PM John Major calls ‘remoaner’ label arrogant

    It comes as the former PM blasted “extreme Brexiteers” as “arrogant” in an extraordinary on-air outburst on the BBC, as he whinged about the term ‘Remoaner’. Speaking with Nick Robinson on the Today programme, Mr Major said: “I’m very well aware that the extreme Brexiteers will repeat the old mantra about me being a bitter old Remoaner.”

    “It is partly true. I am old. And I am a Remainer. But I am not bitter. I am disappointed and angry with the way the Government has behaved.

    “As for Remoaner, to use that sneer against half of the country that voted against leaving Europe is pretty arrogant.”

    Taking to to slam the former PM, readers did not hold back, with PhilSpace saying: “No John, no John, No John… The term ‘Remoaner’ refers to those who would ignore the result of a democratic vote.”

    Adding to the argument, Anthony70 said: “There is no such thing as an ‘extremist’ Brexiteer’, they simply cast their vote and expected the winning result to be carried out regardless.”

    He continued: “The Remoaners on the other hand don’t and won’t accept democracy and are still banding on about it over 5 years later. Now that is extreme.”

    Many took to Mr Major’s term in office to highlight the character of the former PM.

    JL77 said: “The sheer arrogance of John Major is staggering… You are anti-democratic. Anti British and a failed PM I have no respect for you whatsoever.”

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    John Major came under a barrage of fire from commentators (Image: Getty)

    Number 10

    Mr Major’s time in office was brought into question (Image: Getty)

    Gfield01 said: “The worst PM of my lifetime so quite why anyone would want to seek out his boring opinions is beyond me.”

    Johnann said: “That’s rich, Major calling Brexiteers arrogant. Nobody could be more arrogant than a failed PM, who signed this country up to the EU without understand what he was signing, and in his arrogance, he says Brexiteers are arrogant, unbelievable.”

    Speaking of how the Tories have moved on since Mr Major’s time in power, MargaretBenjamin1 said: “Stop trying to change the Face of Britain John Major, you had your time in office its gone So move on or move away Britain needs proper leadership we are sick of the self-serving Tories who think the Job belongs to them.”

    EU Major

    The Maastricht Treaty was also slammed by readers (Image: Getty)

    Some readers slammed the BBC for airing Mr Major’s opinion.

    MissingEUalready said: “Disgraceful BBC news sucking up to Major just now. How unsurprising.”

    Another commentator questioned the notion of BBC impartiality.

    Its not me its them said: “IF the BBC are NOT biased, they have to get on a Brexit supporter to reply. Lets see what the BBC do.”

    Several commentators also took to questioning the former Prime Minister’s role in the Maastricht Treaty.

    Allana said: “Oh shut up and enjoy your retirement John Major. You were a weak politician and are equally irrelevant now. Maastricht Treaty anything to do with you? You sold us out!”

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    Worst PM

    Some people labelled Sir John as the worst PM ever (Image: Getty)

    Mastermariner said: “You made a Major (pardon the pun) error signing the Maastricht treaty and we are paying the price… you had your chance and were voted out because you were no good as a prime minister, accept it and take up gardening.”

    MrsBrexitX added: “Yes we had no vote on Maastricht because he knew the British people would not agree that started the rift with the EU.”

    However, not all comments agreed that Mr Major was wrong.

    ValerieJackson1 attempted to defend the former Prime Minister.

    She said: John Major, like all politicians. made mistakes, but he is a decent man with a breadth of experience in office.

    “On this occasion, he speaks for the majority of British voters who are beginning to realise that we have been deceived by Boris Johnson and his ERG cronies.”

    Blair Major

    John Major and Tony Blair both slammed Brexit over the Good Friday Agreement (Image: Getty)

    In the usual battle of Leave versus Remain, she concluded by saying: “We shall look back in years to come and admit that Sir John Major, Tony Blair, David Cameron and Gordon Brown were all right. Indeed every living ex-Prime Minister, regardless of party, has condemned the way in which we have withdrawn from the EU.”

    John Major famously stood side by side with Tony Blair criticising Brexit, with both former PM”s playing a pivotal role in the Good Friday Agreement, a joint statement condemning Brexit as damaging to peace in Northern Ireland.

    Speaking of the impact of Brexit, it read: “It raises questions that go far beyond the impact on Ireland, the Peace Process, and negotiations for a trade deal – crucial though they are. It questions the very integrity of our nation.”


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