‘You’ll be surprised!’ ‘Quick’ ways to dry clothes with no dryer – ‘no musty smells’


    While there’s no miracle solution for how to dry clothes fast, there are various ways to get laundry washed, dried, and folded way without any drama. Finding ways to give the tumbler a break will mean Britons can save energy and money on bills, helping the planet and bank balances.

    As well as knowing how to wash clothes properly to prevent shrinking disasters, it’s good to know how to dry clothes when time is tight.

    1. Make the most of a sunny winter day 

    One expert urged homeowners to avoid discarding their washing lines in winter. Gemma Bird, also known as @moneymumofficial on Instagram said: “Don’t stop using the washing line altogether just because it’s not summer – on a dry and windy day it’s still a good option.”

    Homeowners could also cover the laundry on the line with a dry ground sheet if it looks like it might rain later.

    Lynsey Crombie also believes that drying clothes outside is the best option for the longevity of clothes.

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    “It is essential to open windows a sliver, even in cold weather, as the evaporation will need somewhere to escape, and prevents this problem further down the line.”

    For those who’ve spotted mould forming around their windows or on the ceiling, don’t panic. There are plenty of ways to get rid of damp, condensation and mould easily.

    3. Use a heated airer

    Buying a heated airer right now will make life so much easier over the colder months and will give Britons the simple pleasure of toasty clothes when getting dressed in the morning.

    Amy Lockwood, Ideal Home’s Decor Editor said: “If you’re worried about the cost of turning on the tumble dryer this winter – or don’t have one and are dreading the return of trying to dry wet clothes and bedding over the radiator – then a heated clothes airer could be an affordable and energy-efficient alternative.

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    “Compared to a normal clothes airer, the heated elements will cut down drying time considerably, allowing you to dry clothes overnight, or in just a couple of hours depending on the volume of wet washing you’re tackling.”

    4. Hang clothes on a curtain rail

    For those who don’t have much space to have clothes drying on an airer, they can use their certain rail to hang the clothes up.

    Lynsey said: “One of my favourite drying tricks is to hang clothes on a hanger and then hang them on the curtain rail with the window ajar.

    “You’ll be surprised at how quickly and effectively clothes can dry like this. Plus it also makes the clothes less creased, so much easier to iron.”

    5. Give clothes an extra spin in the washing machine

    Get rid of any excess water by doing an extra spin cycle at the end of a wash. Ali Orr, founder of Nearly New Cashmere Co said: “The fastest way to dry clothes without a dryer is to put your washing machine on a fast spin at 1200 rpm, once the clothes have been washed.”

    Alternatively, use a rinse cycle. Chris Michael from Meaco says that before you take clothes out of the washing machine, using a rinse cycle will keep the amount of water left in the clothes to a minimum.

    When it comes to the washing machine, homeowners should also avoid overloading the appliance so that the clothes retain less water and dry quicker.

    For those who’ve got too much washing in, the water is really going to be retained and the clothes are going to come out so much wetter.


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