Your Home Made Perfect: 'Wedged' roof is an 'inexpensive' way to make 'extra space'


    Your Home Made Perfect returned for its first episode tonight of series three on BBC Two. Architects Laura Jane Clark and Julian McIntosh virtually created renovations of the couple’s home. The three-bedroom semi-detached home in Bromley was home to four adults and the family needed more space.

    The homeowners, who purchased the property 14 years ago, have two sons.

    The main problem with the property was that it had multiple rooms on the ground floor, which were both small and dark. 

    Although the property had a large downstairs space, the multiple dividing walls and lack of windows made it feel “dark” for the couple. 

    The couple had a budget of £105,000 to transform their property. 

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    “It floods the centre of the ground floor with the light Steven and Shelly were craving.

    “To make it even more effective, Laura’s used her trademark move of relocating the staircase, saving space as well as allowing more light to shine through.”

    Visiting an example of what the couple’s home could look like, architect Laura explained how the wedge could provide so much more space for the family.

    She said: “The wedge basically gives you all this extra space, loads of height, loads of feeling of light.

    “So this tiny, tiny house becomes a fully formed home. It is three floors.”

    Laura added: “Shelley and Steven’s is a really similar idea, I’ve used this one sloped roof, but mine is glazed, to give all these extra spaces.

    “So you can see how much space this shape creates by walking through.”

    According to the architect, adding a wedged roof is also a great way of saving money.

    Although the couple had a hefty budget to use, something like a two-story extension would have set them back a lot of money.

    Laura added that this type of roof is “inexpensive” and “really cost effective”.

    In the end, the couple went with Julian’s design, who created an open-plan living and kitchen area.

    Speaking at the end of the show, Shelley revealed that she loved the new design and the “flow” of their new home.


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