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Your iPhone has a hidden iOS app you probably never knew about, here's how to find it


If you regularly scan QR codes then this app can be added to an iPhone’s Control Centre for easy access, BGR reported.

If you’ve ever scanned a QR Code on your iPhone then you’ll know the Camera app can be used to pick up these codes.

So why do you need the Code Scanner app?

Well, this dedicated iOS programme does have one distinct advantage over the QR function in the Camera app. If you scan a QR Code via the iPhone’s Camera app you’ll be prompted to open the relevant link in Safari.

With the Code Scanner app, this web page will automatically be opened up – saving you a few precious clicks. Not only that, but QR Codes scanned with the iPhone’s Camera app open up in Safari – whereas anything scanned with the Code Scanner app is opened via an in-app browser.

This helps declutter Safari with unnecessary tabs you may only need to look at once. If you want quick access to the Code Scanner app in Control Centre it’s easy to set up.

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