4 Ways to Prove You’re a Good Dog Dad

    Dog Dad
    Dog Dad

    If your dog could talk, we bet it would spend a good time telling everyone about what an amazing dog dad you are. (It would probably spend the rest of the time trying to convince everyone to give them treats, but we digress). While your pup knows what an amazing parent you are, how do you show that off to the world? We’ve got some tips and tricks on how to prove that you’re a totally pawsome dog dad.

    Flaunt Your Dog Dad Status

    The best way to show people you’re a pawfect puppy poppa? Wear clothing that flaunts your dog dad status. Pick up a sweatshirt or trendy tee that says “dog dad” on the front (maybe in a fun flame-style logo, if you’re feeling fiery and fashionable), and accessorize with a matching dog dad hat. If you really want to show off some personalized pup parent pride, you can get a shirt with a portrait of your dog’s face printed on it.

    Clothes aren’t the only way you can display your love of being a dog dad. There are a number of customizable items that you can get to dog-ify you day: like a coffee mug with a picture of your dog on it, or a “puppy on board” bumper sticker to put on the back of your dog dad mobile to let passing cars know about your awesome furry friend and co-pilot. (Just don’t let your dog handle navigation, you might end up barking down the wrong route!)

    Show Off on Social Media

    Let us guess – if you opened the camera roll on your phone right now, about eighty percent of the photos would be of your dog being the most adorable floof ball on the planet (the other twenty percent would be screenshots of dog memes, obviously.). Are we right? Yeah, we thought so. Since you’ve already got a stockpile of images and videos documenting all your dog’s cute-as-heck behavior, why not let them ham it up for the camera by making them their own social media page? Trust us, there can never be enough cute dog content on the internet. Post your dog’s finest and funniest moments on sites like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Who knows, you might be the parent of the next viral dog celebrity!

    Quality Time is Key

    One way to prove your dog dad excellence is by making a point to spend as much quality time with your pup as you can. Dogs thrive off of quality time with their owners: it’s how they learn to feel comfortable at home and is paramount for their emotional wellbeing. If you find yourself getting busy and not being able to spend as much time with your dog during the week or weekends as you’d like to, pick a day to spend solely with your pup. Yep, a father-doggy date! Quality time with your dog can be as simple or as adventurous as you want: plan a doggy movie night if you’re more of a couch cuddling canine poppa, or if you love the outdoors, take your dog with you on your next nature hike expedition. Regardless of what you choose to do, your dog will be thrilled to go on an adventure with you, and you’ll have a great time with your fur baby too.

    Did Someone Say “Dog Birthday”?

    Yes, it was us. We love any excuse for a good party, but a birthday party for your dog? Hold on, let us clear our schedules ASAP. Show how much you love your dog by throwing a party to celebrate its birthday or “gotcha” day. It’s a great opportunity to invite all your fellow dog dads over for a barbecue and some beers in the backyard; while you guys crack brewskis, your pups can wrestle over some bones and balls. If your dog is a big fan of treats, find a local dog bakery and get a custom cake with their name or face printed on it. (PS – You’ll probably want to get a separate cake for your human pals to chow down on – as good as red-velvet kibble sounds, we’ll pass!).

    While you don’t have to go out of your way to prove that you’re a good dog dad to anyone, there are a number of things you can do to show off just how much you enjoy being a father to your furry friend. You can buy clothes that label you as the pawsome dog dad you are, let your dog strut its stuff on camera for all their adoring social media fans to see, take your pup with you on all of your big outdoor adventures, or even throw your dog a birthday party of its own. However you choose to celebrate being a dog dad, we’re sure your dog thinks your pawsitively the best poppa they could have.

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