Ubisoft Modern Video Games Peculiarities


    There are lots of popular video gaming software in the world today. However, this software is developed by some of the best gaming companies from all over the world. An excellent example of companies with exceptionally famous gaming creations would be Ubisoft.

    What makes Ubisoft gain so much popularity and traction is its investment in creating Role-Playing Games (RPGs). The French gaming enterprise is most famous for developing some of the most iconic video games of all time. These franchises would include:

    • Assassin’s Creed;
    • Far Cry;
    • Tom Clancy;
    • Prince of Persia;
    • Watch Dogs, etc.

    The Primary Goals of the Ubisoft Entertainment Company

    The enterprise is driven by a central idea and purpose to create a safe gaming world for people of all ages. They claim to try to enrich all lives with their exceptionally high-quality games with different storylines appealing to a range of different personalities. They believe at this company that these properties help bring individuals together, creating a safe learning and growing environment while having as much fun as possible.

    However, talking about differences and peculiarities, it is, of course, necessary to be able to distinguish certain brands from others. In any industrial sector of the world, the success of a unit depends on how much different quality it exhibits in production. If a company breathes out the same air as the other, preferences and attachment to their businesses would be meagre since there is nothing unique to attain from the group.

    When a Ubisoft modern video game is encountered, several signs of ingenuity are seen. This assertion is because ‘Ubi Soft Entertainment SA,’ as the company was initially known, has tried so much in recent years to clean up shop, thus starting from scratch to ensure that more variations are being noticed and created in their games.

    In the recent years leading up to 2022, being overly dependent on Franchises has been criticized for this gaming software establishment. They were accused of creating repeat games of the same series rather than coming up with unique IPs to expand the variety of game series they offer.

    Classic Peculiarities of Ubisoft Video Games

    For gamers most frequent with the Ubisoft franchises, you must have noticed some familiarities across the long list of the French developer’s gaming products. Although generally characterized by nearly extreme and realistic cinematics, there are other signs peculiar to most of their modern video games. This attractive section would address some of the significant properties you would find accompanying most Ubisoft modern video games.

    The table below shows some examples of top games, based on Genres would include:


    Ubisoft games Genre Edition Year of release
    Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Action/Adventure/Multiplayer Standard/Deluxe 2020
    Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint Action/Adventure/Multiplayer Standard/Ultimate/Deluxe 2019
    Watch Dogs 2 Action/Adventure/Multiplayer Standard/Deluxe 2016
    Mario+Rabids: Kingdom Battle Action/Adventure/Turn-based Strategy /Tactical role-playing game Standard 2017
    Far Cry 6 Action/Adventure/Co-op Ultimate/Deluxe/Gold 2021

    Open World Entertainment

    If you want to explore an expansive and breathtaking open-world scenery, Ubisoft has many games with these properties in stock. Vast and varied landscapes characterize this gaming software with distinguishable landmarks and ecosystems. Several effects aid the exploration experience, including wingsuits in the Far Cry series and all sorts of vehicles in the Ghost Recon series. These open worlds are known to be explicitly created for specific real-time eras, and a perfect example would be Far Cry Primal.

    RPG Characteristics

    After mastering the art of open-world gaming, Ubisoft has successfully merged this property with RPG elements. As a result, you can be whoever you want to be. In addition, role-playing elements allow the acquisition of specific skill sets, thus tailoring a player’s play style and approach to a particular game.

    These properties allow players to team up with one another and be as though what they would be if the gaming world were a reality. This allows for supreme and relatable forms of entertainment. The top-role playing games include The Division, Far Cry, Watch Dogs, and many more.

    Stealth and Tailing Missions

    Several Ubisoft games would require the option to crawl and take out adversaries silently. An example of a stealth mechanic would be instakill which allows for the elimination of enemies featuring brutal animations. Games like Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry enable using these integral stealth systems. These stealth missions are usually successful because enemies have a specific detection range. Unless breached, they are incapable of realizing intruding danger. For these kinds of tasks, it is necessary to maintain all stealthiness, or the mission fails.

    Being swift and undetectable also applies to the scenario of tailing missions. For instance, if you may have to follow an informant or personnel without being detected to pass the mission. If you happen to get too close, the mission fails. If you stray too far behind, the mission fails too. These missions would require players to be in precise locations away from the target to avoid being detected or losing them. Usually, tailing missions close up with the termination of the adversary.

    Unlocking New Areas by Accessing Towers

    This is very peculiar to the Assassin’s Creed series. Players usually have to climb tall regions or towers to unlock certain areas on the map. These characteristic open worlds often contain blacked-out parts, as shown on the player’s map. These areas are said to be locked and would require the completion of tower missions to reveal these areas that may contain enemy campsites and other landmarks. Tower missions are usually fun to do. They put to the test a player’s puzzle-solving skill, allowing for the discovery of different dimensions in the world could appear as. Other games based on this principle would include Far Cry and Watch Dogs.

    Taking up Quests From All Sides of the Map

    Gaming events, stages, and levels are spread across the almost infinite breadth of the Ubisoft open world. Players travel from one end to another to complete specific tasks and quests. These missions could be in the form of shipment interceptions, hostage rescue missions, interrogation missions, camp clearing missions, and a lot more. These missions usually benefit players in many ways, allowing easy levelling up from outside of the main story.

    Taking Down Oppressive Regimes

    Under this peculiarity, players can argue that most Ubisoft gaming storylines often rely on removing an oppressive dictator or government. Truthfully, these games feature a grand scheme of the uprising in a storytelling conflict scenario. Usually, the Assassin’s Creed series is based on eliminating certain vital characters and destroying an oppressive organization from the inside out. The Far Cry series is also centred on a revolutionary idea against certain governing bodies. Ghost Recon indeed features an elite group of special operations soldiers dismantling a particular system from the inside. These narratives take players on missions of being insignificant warriors in a terrorizing regime where revolution is being clamoured for.

    Wars Between Factions

    Ubisoft games often feature more than one opposing faction. As a result, these games usually consist of up to three different sections. In addition, different colours on the map often represent these groups. For instance, the excellent faction is often described using the green colour, while the evil section may be meant using the red colour.

    The other factions may include the powerful and authoritative ones, including the police, army, and imperial guards. This latter faction usually despises the formerly mentioned ones. This diversity in character building helps create havoc and insane chaos in Ubisoft games.

    Hyper-Realistic Features

    Ubisoft tries to insert realistic features like dreams, imagination, and flashbacks into their games. However, across various gaming genres, several missions appear to go against natural conventions. These are usually similar to being under the influence or experiencing hallucinations. These scenarios often convey ideas that are generally not told in normal states, even in reality. You will encounter missions with talking walls, stretching hallways, and falling skies. However, these features are just an extension of how creative these developers can be. Unfortunately, these hyper realities also make specific missions harder, especially the boss fights.

    Insane Graphics

    To cap off the remarkable peculiarities of Ubisoft software, it is proper to mention how good the open-world graphics can be. Even by setting the pictures to the lowest, appearances are usually still spectacularly good. However, it is noteworthy that the system specification requirements to bring about the essential detailed realism are generally very low. This is a cherry on top for avid game lovers who cannot afford to get costly gaming media.

    Video Games in Gambling

    The various modern-day creations in the gaming sector have spilled over to other sections of the world industry, including the gambling sector. These video games have been an inspiration to many casino game developers, helping out the development of variable, fantastic, and role-playing casino games. Punters can find some of the best video game-inspired casino slot entertainments at https://www.slotozilla.com/free-slots. Moreover, there is no need to pay for this kind of entertainment, all the games are represented for free.

    Ubisoft Development

    The company never stay undeveloped. Ubisoft had recently announced a project called ‘Quartz,’ which would enable players to purchase NFTs for certain games. The first game to be explored is Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Thanks to the decentralized and independent blockchain, all purchases are accompanied by a certificate of ownership. This enables gamers to sell these items outside 4-the Ubisoft ecosystem, allowing a parallel market for gaming products.


    Ubisoft is a great company that produces many interesting video games so popular all around the world. All of them are high quality and have amazing graphics despite all the other attractive features. Among the other main peculiarities, there are hyper-realistic features, cool sound effects, the main gameplay secrets mentioned above and many others. The company is focused on producing games, which can become a cool way of entertainment for people of different interests and ages. Due to the modern popularity of the games, Ubisoft is considered to be quite successful with its purpose.

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