7 Countries With The Fastest Internet Speeds In The World

    Fastest Internet
    Fastest Internet

    Fast internet is a desire!

    When we think about our own internet connection, complaining is like second nature. We are never happy with our speed and always think that the ISP is doing something with it.

    However, there is news for your folks!

    Unfortunately, we are getting slower internet speed than these seven countries. But, yes, there are naturally gifted countries with amazing internet. So, sit back as I talk about the countries with the fastest internet speed.

    They probably face no problem while downloading free content from Pirate Bay all day. Now, that is something to envy!

    However, you can still download endless content from the pirate bay; just click https://ipiratebay.org/.

    So, if you stay in these countries, congratulation because you won a lottery, and if you don’t;

    -Well, don’t worry, it will catch up.

    Elements That Determine The Internet Speed

    If you are really interested in looking into the matter, here are the things which will matter in terms of internet speed.


    A bandwidth of the link is provided by the ISP. The WAP of your ISP’s bandwidth, along with the bandwidth they are using, all determines the speed. If the bandwidth is too congested, the internet speed is compromised.

    Uptime & Downtime Ratio

    The Uptime and downtime ratio is between the total time the internet is available and the time it isn’t in a year. If the downtime is high for an ISP, it also affects the internet speed.

    The Type Of Connection

    The fiber net is faster than the wired ones.

    Countries With The Fastest Internet Speed

    Now, the moment you have all been waiting for. We will be elaborating on seven countries that deliver the highest Internet speed.

    1. Hong Kong

    In the year 2021 January, Hong Kong broke its record for the fastest all around the world. The internet speed reached a whopping 226.8 megabytes per second. 

    The download and upload speed were phenomenal!

    You can literally download entire music albums in seconds.

    2. Switzerland

    If you are impressed by movie albums, then get this!

    With Switzerland’s speed, you can literally download a 2-hour feature film in just 40 seconds. Just imagine how many films you can download and keep in your stock for later.

    It has a skyrocketing internet speed of 110.45mbs, which is better than the majority of the world with average speed.

    3. Iceland

    From being one of the second happiest countries to have a tradition of gifting books on Christmas. How many other ways are there for Iceland to make us utterly jealous?

    Oh, wait, it’s internet speed!

    The highest internet speed recorded is 116.90mbps, where you can download the entire Narnia Trilogy movie in seconds.

    4. Andorra

    How many 4K movies do you wish to download in a day? Two to three?

    Or, are you struggling with just one?

    With Andorra’s internet speed, you do not have to give a number to those downloads. You can simply go insane! 

    Who wouldn’t if you could download three movies with 4k definition in just 2 minutes, literally. It has an internet speed of 213.41mbps

    5. Hungary

    Hungary has an internet speed of 99.74mbps.

    Now, it might sound a little less than the rest of the countries, but don’t you dare feel bad for them!

    Because they can still download one entire movie in HD within 50 seconds, we are sure it is better than your run-on-mill, average internet speed.

    6. Denmark

    Denmark is another country that is a little lower on the list. With an internet speed of 49.19mbps, it is still way better than most of the other countries worldwide.

    One of the most beneficial factors about Denmark is equality in internet speed and reach for every citizen in the country.

    7. Monaco

    How fast can you download a big game?

    Let’s say something like Sims?

    No matter what you think, it can never match Monaco’s speed. It has 104.98mbps, and you can download the entire Sims in seconds.

    A Lightning Speed!

    These internet speeds for the countries have only been possible because of their innate determination and trying to better themselves in terms of internet technology.

    So, there you have it, seven countries to envy because of their phenomenal internet speed.

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