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A quick guide on how to clean your bong

clean your bong
clean your bong

Bongs have been a popular smoking device for many years, and people worldwide have been using bongs to smoke their favorite herbs. Bongs are highly popular because they are easy to use, store, give a better smoke, and are very affordable.

As a result, they are one of the best-selling products on online head shops that you might visit.

However, like many other things, a bong requires some maintenance. The bong will need to be cleaned regularly to remove all the built-up tar and smoke residue. Some even say that it should be cleaned for the best results after every use.

But why do you need to clean a bong regularly?

If you want to use the bong for a long time to come, then regular maintenance of your bong is mandatory. You should clean your bong at least once a week; otherwise, it could hinder the smooth flow. 

Using a dirty bong could also cause illnesses because the uncleaned bong with all the residual moisture and smoke will serve as the perfect environment for yeast and other microorganisms to grow in. At times, bacteria may even form on the surface of the water remaining in the bong.

So, when you inhale smoke from an old bong, it could ruin your smoking experience and even lead to respiratory illnesses.

Besides, residue buildup on the neck or the bowl pipe will affect your herbs’ taste. For instance, if you are trying out different herbs, then you might sense different flavors from different herbs, which could ruin your experience.

Signs you need to clean your bong

  1. The residue starts to form a ring around the waterline
  2. The water has some floating residue in it, and it has become discolored and smelly
  3. If the neck of the bong is also coated with residue
  4. Black or white specks start developing near the bowl and in the bong’s neck.

How to clean a bong

Cleaning a small or a large bong is fairly easy, and most of the products you might need to clean a bong would already be there in your kitchen.

You might need some rubbing alcohol, Epsom salt, Ziploc bags, rubber stoppers, and towels or tissues. Furthermore, you can buy bong cleaning products and the kits on online head shops as well.

Steps to clean a bong

  1. Firstly, you must clean the bowl where you put all your herbs. It is the dirtiest part of your bong, which will require extensive cleaning. So, remove the bowl and the downstem from the bong.
  2. After removing them, put them in a Ziploc bag along with some rubbing alcohol and Epsom salt. Ensure that the downstem and bowl are fully submerged under the solution. This step will help clean out the residue from the tiny holes in a bowl and improve the airflow of the bong.
  3. Then, empty the old bong water into a sink and pour a combination of rubbing alcohol and Epsom salt into the bong.
  4. Use a rubber stopper or a cloth to seal the opening of the bong. Closing the opening will make the alcohol work its magic.
  5. After properly sealing the openings of the bong, shake the bong, and make sure the alcohol reaches all ends of the bong. This will get rid of all the residue on the inside.
  6. Shake the Ziploc bag with your bowl and downstem in a similar manner.
  7. After some time, rinse the bong, the downstem, and the bowl with hot water.
  8. Use a fresh towel or some tissue paper to wipe off excess water from the bong, the bowl, and the downstem. 

To summarize, you must keep your bong clean all the time to enjoy a good smoking session. Proper maintenance will prevent bacteria and other harmful microorganisms from developing inside your bong. Cleaning the bong will also improve the airflow inside your bong.

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