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Biden warns US risks 'path to chaos' as fears surge of plans to reject winning votes


Joe Biden has warned that Republicans denying the results of elections is a “path to chaos” just seven days before the US midterms. The US President made the remarks in a nationally televised address on Wednesday evening at Washington DC’s Union Station, just a few streets from where Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol last year.

In his remarks, Mr Biden – referencing baseless claims of voter fraud following the 2020 US election result – urged individuals to accept the outcome should they lose next week.

The President added: “As I stand here today, there are candidates running for every level of office in America, for governor, Congress, attorney general, secretary of state, who will not commit to accepting the results of elections that they are running in. 

“This is a path to chaos in America.

“It’s unprecedented. It’s unlawful.

“And it’s un-American.”

Mr Biden then added: “I hope you will ask a simple question of each candidate you vote for. 

“Will that person accept the legitimate will of the American people and the people voting in his district or her district? 

“Will that person accept the outcome of the election, win or lose? The answer to that question is vital, and in my opinion it should be decisive.” The President then added the answer hangs on “the future of the country we love so much and the fate of the democracy that has made so much possible for us”.

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It comes after a Reuters/Ipsos poll found two in five Americans believe voter fraud is a widespread problem, despite no evidence of such theories which have been widely disproven.

It surveyed 4,413 US adults between October 18 and 24. When asked whether they think “voter fraud is a widespread problem”, 49 percent of respondents agreed.

Another 40 percent disagreed voter fraud was widespread, and 11 percent did not know.

Dr Christopher Phelps, associate professor of American History at the University of Nottingham, told Express.co.uk the upcoming Midterms could have serious ramifications for the Biden administration.

He said: “Midterm elections for the past two decades have always run against the sitting president, so that is nothing new. 

“The House would be expected to go to the GOP accordingly. 

“But if the Senate also falls, it will be highly significant, since the electoral map in this Senate race actually favoured Democrats.  

“And both houses of Congress in the hands of the Republicans will have serious consequences and make the Biden administration a lame duck.”  


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