Terrifying moment marine biologist nearly jumps into jaws of a shark as she dives into sea


    Ms Ramsey has a popular social media page where she showcases her work with the deadly fish. During the video Ms Ramsey remained relaxed and calm, despite the tiger shark peering its head full of spiked teeth out of the water. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has reported that there are likely to be fewer than 250 adult tiger sharks living in the Mediterranean Sea and have claimed that their global numbers are currently unknown,

    The video clip showed the 35-year-old researcher getting ready to dive into the blue ocean out at sea in Hawaii.

    Just seconds before jumping in Ms Ramsey was met by a tiger shark that surfaced just above the water.

    As Ms Ramsey notices that the shark surfaces, she steps back and sits on the stairs of the boat, with her snorkelling flippers perched just over the water.

    The shark’s head can be seen to surface fully as its mouth springs open to reveal a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth.

    The shark then disappears back under the water, before swimming away.

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    The terrifying video had social media users stunned, with Twitter users praising the conservationist for her nerves of steel.

    @SallyGearing wrote: “She’s there to study it so she was going to swim with it.”

    @Xiandani1 said: “Well that’s crazy going in after it wanted to take a bite.”

    @MahinaArts added: “She is very capable … She works with sharks all the time. Her and her husband have a huge following on Instagram.”

    @Eirrrish commented: “She didn’t seem that bothered tbf.”

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    Tiger sharks can weigh between 850-1,400 pounds and grow to lengths of 10-14 feet.

    Kori Burkhardt a marine biologist has claimed to have seen a 16-foot-long tiger shark in French Polynesia.

    An expert in tiger sharks, Ms Burkhardt told National Geographic: “I’ve been diving with tiger sharks in multiple countries and she’s by far the biggest I’ve ever seen.

    “It’s not just her length but her width as well.

    “She can be five metres long but she’s three metres wide, including her fins. That’s insane.”



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