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Box Braids for Men ( Hairstyle Review)

Box Braids for Men
Box Braids for Men

Braids are ideal in low-maintenance style for guys. We’re not discussing braided hairstyles here, but rather professional braids. When braids are adequately cared for and maintained, they may endure for weeks. Box braids for men may range from simple cornrows to lengthy box braids pulled up in a man bun or braided dreadlocks.

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Numerous guys choose the braids and fade combo, which has a low, mid, or high fade or undercut along the sides and back with hair focused on the top. Alternatively, have braids throughout with a tapered fade. Another common addition to braids is a shape up.

What are Box Braids?

This brief explanation of box braids for men will help you understand what they are. Essentially, this is a braid for guys that entails separating sections of your hair and braiding them together in a manner that forms squares on your head.

Where Did Braids Originate?

The Himba people of Namibia were the first to use braiding techniques in Africa. For millennia, these people have braided their hair. African tribes used braided hairstyles to distinguish themselves from one another. Tribe, age, marriage status, money, authority, and religion were all shown by the braid designs and hairstyles of the period.

Braiding was and still is a communal art form. People are more likely to socialize because of the time it takes. After the seniors started braiding their children, the younger ones would observe and learn from them.

They would teach their old methods to younger children by practising each other. This bonding custom was passed down through the generations and swiftly spread globally. Braids rose to prominence in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Almost everyone wore their hair braided, including toddlers and men.

How to Do Box Braids?

Professionals are, of course, the best option when it comes to learning how to make box braids for men. As a result, we’ve put up a step-by-step tutorial that might be helpful.

  • Apply a conditioner after shampooing your hair.
  • Take a step back and let your hair dry naturally.
  • Make it easier to brush your hair by using a comb with extra-wide teeth.
  • Before blow-drying your hair, use a flat iron to straighten it if it is severely curly.
  • If your hair is split or uneven, get it trimmed.
  • Use a wide-toothed comb to divide your hair into four equal portions.
  • Avoid frizz by applying a moisturizing lotion or gel to the ends of your hair.
  • Select a 2.5 cm broad strand of hair using a rat tail comb. Small and medium box braids should measure 1.3 cm in length, while larger braids should extend 5.1 cm.
  • Using a synthetic strand, begin braiding the portion of hair from the top.
  • Use an elastic band to secure the braid’s end.
  • Trim any flyaway hairs with scissors if necessary.
  • To seal the ends, put them in hot water.

Types of Braids for Men

Box braiding your hair has finally been explained; therefore, here are some of the most popular styles for guys using box braids.

Thick Box Braid

The strong aesthetic of thick box braids for men isn’t the only reason to wear them. They preserve the margins of men’s black braids and give them a more defined look.

Colored Box Braids

You may add colour and sparkle by using blue or yellow hair strands and embellishing them with beads to an eye-catching box braid men’s design.

Faded Box Braids

Braids with a fade are an attention-grabbing combination. Men’s box braids with fades have a more striking contrast than the original style.

Beaded Box Braids

Beads are the most popular hair accessory for box braids for men, but there are many more options. Even the amount of beads may be customized to meet your attire and the event.

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Thin Box Braids

Earlier, we stated that braids are available in a variety of thicknesses. Purple threads, for example, may provide a burst of colour to the design and make it stand out more clearly.

Single & Long Box Braids

Men did not need to grow out their hair to wearing lengthy box braids. With the aid of hair extensions, they can get away with it.

Short Box Braids

Short box braids for men are not only simple to get and maintain, but they also have a subtle appearance, making them appropriate for a wide range of settings.

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Medium Box Braids

If you want to look like Travis Scott, you’ll need hair that’s at least shoulder-length. This style gives you the best of both worlds: short and long braids in one.

Bun Style Box Braid

You’d be surprised at how many ways males can style their box braids. Tie your male box braids into a man bun if you want a functional and fashionable hairdo. It offers a trendy and contemporary style while removing the hair from your face.


Braids hairstyles for men may simplify life, but they need maintenance. Additionally, you must know when to brush it out since it may harm your hair. Incredibly, braided hair may save you considerable money and effort. Therefore, do not disregard your braids; they demand a small amount of attention.

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