Diane Abbott left red faced after attack on Keir Starmer – '£20,000 to do Iran’s Press TV'



    Sir Keir has been slated by Labour MPs after writing a column for The Sun having previously refused to speak to the publication during his 2020 Labour leadership election out of respect to the 97 who died in the Hillsborough disaster.

    Labour MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington, Ms Abbott hit out at Sir Keir on Twitter.

    She posted an image of the Labour leader and an article about Hillborough.

    Ms Abbott wrote: “During Labour leadership campaign Keir Starmer said he wouldn’t speak to the Sun.

    “Now he is writing articles for them.

    “How many more leadership campaign promises is Keir Starmer going to junk?”

    Cllr John Haywood, Labour for Ringwood North, took issue with Ms Abbott’s attacks on Sir Keir writing in The Sun.

    He posted a picture of Ms Abbott’s column in the outlet from 2010, suggesting the Labour MP was hypocritical for her attacks on the party leader.

    He added: “I wonder how many people raging at Keir Starmer (and indirectly me) today raged at this?’

    Cllr Haywood also said: “People on Merseyside have held a long and impressive boycott of the Sun over a tragic event 30+ years ago that has scarred deep.

    “But if we’re ever to have a Labour government, we need to appeal to people who read the Sun in the rest of the country. That’s an unavoidable fact.”

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    Journalist Benjamin Butterworth also challenged Ms Abbott for her attacks on Sir Keir.

    He posted a picture of Ms Abbott in a Sun branded taxi cab.

    He then added: “Weird she thinks a Labour leader speaking to The Sun is unforgivable, but £20k to do Iran’s Press TV is hunky-dory.”


    Other Labour MPs from Merseyside also criticised the party leader for the column.

    Alison McGovern, the shadow culture and sport minister, who represents Wirral South, said she had spoken to Sir Keir about his decision.

    She added: “I don’t buy the Sun, or speak to them. That’s my decision. I have told Keir why.”

    Shadow trade minister Bill Esterson, MP for Sefton Central, posted: “I do not buy the Sun. I will not be writing for the Sun.”

    Kim Johnson, MP for Liverpool Riverside, said she and others felt “deep anger” that Starmer wrote a piece for the newspaper after it spent “15 years demonising Liverpool fans, blaming them for the Hillsborough disaster … before issuing a half-hearted apology for their lies and smears”.

    In his article for the outlet, Sir Keir warned Brits could have “another Christmas spoiled by this prime minister’s lack of planning”.

    He also called for emergency measures such as issuing more visas to allow European workers to drive lorries and help with poultry preparations.

    Despite his conference speech at the end of September, Labour have failed to bounce back in polls.

    An Opinium poll for the Observer held the Tories were on 39 percent support to Labour’s 35 percent.

    Opinium interviewed 2,004 UK adults from September 29 to October 1.


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