'For heaven's sake!' EU Commission VP erupts at COP26 leaders for last minute amendments



    Furious Mr Timmermans clenched his fists and bashed his table as he took to the floor in the closing stages of the climate summit in Glasgow as leaders are locking horns over their committments to keep global warming to 1.5C. It comes as major disagreements over phasing out coal and fossil fuel emissions have set countries such as China and India on a collision course with western countries at COP26.

    Mr Timmermans slammed: “Having listened to the first couple of interventions I wonder if we are not at risk of stumbling in this marathon, a couple of metres before reaching the finish line.

    “I want all of us here, every single one of you to just for a minute thing about one person in your life, one person only, that will still be around in 2030 and how that person will live if we do not stick to the 1.5C here today!”

    The Vice President slammed: “Of course we all have our national interests and of course there are many issues that need to be looked at later

    “And I fully understand when developing nations say there should be more finances on the table, and yes, we are only at the beginning of what we can do about loss and damage…

    “But for heavens sake, don’t kill this moment by asking for more texts, different texts, deleting this deleting that!”

    He went on to say how that it is his “firm belief” that the agreement signed by delegates to stick to the 1.5C COP26 agreement “allows us to act with the urgency that is essential to our survival.”

    Mr Timmermans pleaded: “So I please implore you, please embrace this text so we can bring hopes to the hearts of pout children and grandchildren. They are waiting for us, they will not forgive us if they fail us today!”

    The EU Commission Vice President is in charge of the bloc’s green deal and at yesterday’s plenary held up a picture of his grandson as he demanded delegates take action rapidly.

    More to follow…


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