Gardening: Deter slugs from your garden ‘organically’ with beer, says Gardeners’ World



    Gardeners’ World is a long-running BBC gardening programme, popular with viewers for offering them tips and tricks on how to maintain their gardens. The show’s experts also regularly share gardening pieces of advice online, including on how to deal with pests in the garden.

    Although slugs are part of the garden ecosystem and are a vital source of food for a wide range of wildlife, they are also one of Britian’s biggest garden pests.

    There are many ways to deter slugs from your garden, but using chemical solutions could harm other plants and animals.

    Controlling slugs can therefore be difficult, but “its best to do this organically”, according to Gardener’s World.

    One organic method to remove slugs from your garden is to use beer.

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    When making a beeline towards your plants, the slugs will drown and can later be added to your compost heap.

    Another organic solution is to use a calcium spray.

    You can buy a spray containing protective calcium chloride, such as Grazers G2 Formula, from gardening centres.

    The solution can deter slugs and snails without harming other wildlife.

    Copper barriers are useful to protect your plants from slugs, according to Gardeners’ World.

    Slugs will not move across copper, therefore placing a copper ring around emerging shoots will prevent them from being eaten.

    To make your own copper barrier, you simply need some copper tape and pinking shears.

    Cut a decorative edge along one side of the copper with the shears before putting it in the ground around your shoots.

    Or you can put the tape just below the rim of a plant pot.

    This will stop slugs from climbing into your pots.

    Other ways to get rid of slugs are picking them up by hand on wet evenings, or digging a pond in your garden.

    Frogs, toads, newts, birds, and even hedgehogs will eat slugs, and so attracting those wildlife to your garden may deter slugs.


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