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How to Determine Whether an NBA Prediction Is a Good One or Not


Several aspects need to be considered when determining whether an NBA prediction is a good one or not. Analyzing each case separately will give the reader a better idea of what makes good predictions and bad ones. Below are key tips on understanding if it is worth betting on an NBA forecast.

Evaluate the Expertise of the Person Offering the Prediction

If you consider any tip when placing bets, this should be the first one. Being knowledgeable in a certain field does not guarantee success at all times. However, it certainly gives a person much better odds than someone who lacks expertise. For example, if you are to place bets based on the expertise of someone who holds a Ph.D. in astrophysics, chances are it will be well worth your time. Betting is all about picking which side has the highest chance of winning. An expert opinion can come in handy when determining that specific parameter. Keep in mind that journalists usually tend to be objective and offer facts. Their predictions are not always 100% accurate. However, they stand a much higher chance than someone who has a financial interest in the outcome of an event.

Evaluate the Reliability of the Person Offering the Prediction

If you know someone personally and consider them reliable sources of basketball information, do not hesitate to follow their NBA predictions blindly. Of course, this may prove difficult for many. However, it certainly is something to keep in mind. You should try and find a trustworthy person before placing your bets. A person offering NBA picks should ideally have an established track record. They should show their records and how much money they have won through accurate prediction. The idea here is simple. Look for someone with proven results. Such a reporter will give you much more confidence than someone who does not divulge this information or has not managed to reach the same level of success over time.

Perception vs. Reality

It would be best to look at the difference between what is said and how things turned out in the end. In many cases, these two tend to be completely different. For example, if someone says that Golden State will win, but they lose in a landslide, you can count this as a good prediction since it happened after it was made. However, if an NBA reporter claims one team will win by ten points, but in reality, they only won by eight, this would not be counted as a good prediction even though it came true. In other words, pay attention to whether or not what was said eventually happens instead of focusing on the actual results when trying to determine whether an NBA prediction is a good one or not.

The Reporter’s Bias

If the journalist is biased toward one of the teams, it makes their NBA predictions less reliable. Sometimes, these reporters will admit that they favor one team over another. However, this is not always the case. For example, if you are following someone who constantly supports a particular team no matter what and does not give any chance to other teams, such a person should be avoided completely. While some bias may occasionally provide accurate results, people still think things even out in the long run. There is no need to take unnecessary risks when betting on an NBA game.

NBA predictions can be based on facts or statistics. Others may stem from a player’s gut instinct. However, for NBA predictions to be accurate, people must consider several factors such as injuries and team schedules. In other words, an NBA prediction is good if it takes all necessary factors into account instead of making assumptions based on individual opinions alone.

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