‘It’ll take a battering’: How to protect your garden wood – ‘particularly important’



    With temperatures dropping and many spending more time inside, it’s important to make sure any outdoor wood will be protected through the cold winter. This means painting and varnishing as well as bringing any pieces inside that won’t survive outside.

    Ronseal’s wood care expert, Jimmy Englezos, said: “Most of us have lots of wood in our outdoor spaces, likely to be in different states of repair, so it’s important to know what you’re dealing with.

    “Look at fences, gates, sheds, cladding furniture – even wooden doors and window frames.

    “Check for signs of damage or rot in order to evaluate whether parts may need to be replaced or just repaired.

    “Also, consider the condition of any existing coatings, including paints, oils or varnishes, to see if they need to be reapplied or removed.

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    Jimmy added: “Wide brushes will always come in handy too.”

    For most maintenance jobs, it’s best to work in a mild climate, according to the expert.

    He said: “When the weather is dry and the temperature is at least 10 degrees – this is particularly important if you’re planning to clean, prime or apply product to outdoor wooden surfaces.

    “Even quick dry products will need an hour or two to become showerproof, so keep an eye out for those rare sunny Autumn days.”

    For those with gates, the expert recommends varnishing them to help provide protection against wear and tear.

    He said: “If your gate is at the front of the house and you want to create stand out ‘kerb appeal’, then Ronseal’s Garden Paint is a great choice as it offers great protection and comes in a range of 29 colours.”

    Outdoor wooden furniture can be extremely expensive to buy, which means it is essential to make sure it lasts year after year.

    Jimmy said: “We’re spending more time than ever socialising indoors, including during Autumn and Winter, so it’s vital that any wooden furniture is shown some serious TLC.

    “The condition of your furniture can determine the type of product you choose. So, for newer items, in good condition, an oil will highlight the natural beauty of the wood while protecting against the elements.

    “For older pieces or pieces that can’t be stored indoors, a paint is better for covering any flaws or imperfections and stopping further weather damage.”


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