Kate asking Prince William for 'more PDA' in new film branded 'uncomfortable'


    Prince William, and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge are portrayed in a new US TV film with the royals appearing as a “villain” and a “peacemaker” respectively in a retelling of events about the Royal Family. Named Harry & Meghan: Escaping the Palace, the film is a fictionalised telling of the relationship between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle following their decision to step away from the monarchy.

    It is the third instalment of a series by Lifetime, a US channel, and charts the move of the couple to the US using lookalikes to play members of the Royal Family.

    The controversial TV film has come under scrutiny especially for moments when the actors playing Harry and his older brother Prince William are shown arguing over racism claims.

    During the film, Kate (played by Laura Mitchell) is seen asking William (played by Jordan Whalen) for “more PDA” during public appearances, a moment which Town & Country’s royal writer Annie Goldsmith said left her feeling “uncomfortable”.

    Her feelings are likely because traditionally public displays of affection are against royal etiquette rules, especially when it comes to reigning monarchs or heirs to the throne.

    While there are moments that royal couples have acted more informally by wrapping their arms around each other, holding hands, or kissing in public, this is rare.

    Protocol implies that royal engagements, where the royals act as representatives of the crown, aren’t appropriate times for affection.

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    They’ve also been seen putting their arms around each other on a small number of occasions including at the Howth Cliff Walk in Dublin in 2020.

    Elsewhere in the televised film, the couple are portrayed joking about starting a YouTube channel which their real-life royal counterparts have actually done.

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge launched their YouTube channel in May 2021, and currently have 621k followers.

    Their first video is a compilation of the couple at numerous events entitled “Welcome to our official YouTube channel”.


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