‘Long way to go!’ Diana’s brother says ‘more will come out’ from Bashir’s interview


    Earl Spencer has claimed that “more will come out” from the scandalous interview and has not ruled out the possibility of legal action. In May, an inquiry by Lord Dyson found reporter Martin Bashir lied to obtain the 1995 scoop of the interview which led to the breakdown of Diana and Charles’ marriage.

    Mr Bashir used dishonest methods later covered up by a “woefully ineffective” internal investigation by Tony Hall, later the BBC director-general.

    The Earl of Spencer said: “Lord Dyson did a very good job. His brief was tiny. It was to look at a very specific area and there is still so much more to look at in the broader terms of who was responsible for what.”

    “How did it come to this? Did documents get hidden from view? All sorts of really important stuff which is yet to come out.”

    “So I see the Lord Dyson report as a very welcome development but there is still a long way to go with this.”

    Earl Spencer told BBC Breakfast it was clear to him that “there are certain people who were in the BBC who have behaved in a way that is truly abysmal and possibly criminal.”

    He was asked how far he would take his investigation, he said: “That is the question and I have got people looking at that, and we will see.”

    “It is not going to end now. I am not saying that as some ugly threat. It just can’t stop now as there is still more to come out.”

    A BBC spokesman told the Telegraph: “Today’s BBC has aimed to be as open and transparent as possible about the events of 25 years ago.”

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    He came to prominence in 1995 for his interview with Diana, Princess of Wales, which a report in 2021 found he obtained using falsified information.

    He is also known for his 2003 ITV documentary about Michael Jackson.


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