Maxine episode 1 cast: Who is in the Channel 5 series?


    Lynda Huntley – Lesley Conroy

    Playing Ian’s mother Lynda Huntley is actress Lesley Conroy, who has also starred in Cured, Eden, Strength and Honour, My Connection is Unstable, among other projects.

    Matt Tapp – Steve Gunn

    Steve Gunn stars as Matt Tapp and has worked on Miss Scarlet and the Duke, The Professor and the Madman, Fair City and The Mario Rosenstock Show.

    DCI Andy Hebb – Barry John Kinsella

    Barry John Kinsella will take on another investigating officer DCI Andy Hebb with the actor previously appearing in The Sleep Experience, Duets, Who We Love, and Do I Know You?

    DCI Nikki Harris – Caitriona Loughlin

    Catriona Loughlin plays police woman DCI Nikki Harris and has also had roles in Acceptable Risk, Foundation, Young Europe, and The Martini Shot.

    Stephen Coward QC – Simon Coury

    Simon Coury will be playing barrister Stephen Coward QC and some of his big projects include Damo and Ivor, Intruder, 37 Days and Murphy’s Law.

    Other cast members include Walker, San Shella as Maxine’s Solicitor, Molly McCann as Millie Farmer, Lucy Cray Miller as Marion Bastin, Shane Nestor as Howard Gilbert, Andy Crook as Richard Latham QC, Jim Roche as Dr Nat Cary, and Laurence Foster as Michael Hubbard QC.

    Maxine starts on Channel 5 this evening at 9pm and airs on Tuesday and Wednesday


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