Meghan Markle opens up on royal struggles: 'I'm feeling much better about everything'



    The Duchess of Sussex said she feels much better now, after revealing on Oprah earlier this year that she suffered from suicidal thoughts during her time in the UK. During the interview with Oprah, the Duchess said, “I just didn’t see a solution.

    “I didn’t want to be alive anymore.”

    However, during tonight’s interview, she told interviewer Andrew Ross Sorkin at the New York Times’ Dealbook panel that her mental health is in a far better place now that she and Harry have stepped back from their duties as senior royals.

    Mr Sorkin added that there was a “moment when a lot of the world” was wondering about her.

    She added: “I’m feeling much better about everything, thank you.

    “When my life and lifestyle were very different, I always stood up for what was right.”

    The Duchess of Sussex was interviewed alongside George Lucas’ wife Mellody Hobson, President of Ariel Investments.

    She was also questioned about why she phoned two US Senators on their private numbers to ask to support paid parental leave and a climate policy.

    Answering this Meghan said: “This issue is not red or blue, people need support when they have a child.

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    “They expected her to cut ribbons for the rest of her life?!

    “She is a natural-born boss and is proving it once more.”

    After the interview on Twitter, one user called Paige Sister Wife wrote: “the Duchess of Sussex is the only Queen.”

    Another supporter called ArchieMegHaz wrote: “Well said Madam Duchess.”

    Another supporter called ‘Thrive on Purpose’ wrote about Meghan’s interview and described the Duchess as showing, “the intelligence, the poise, the self-deprecating good humour, the fun, the conviction, the empathy, the love, the advocacy for less fortunate, the generosity, the respect for her co-panelist…”


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