Moment Macron swoops in on Biden for a Covid-breaching whisper seconds after G7 photo

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Emmanuel Macron wasted no time after the G7 ‘family photo’ of world leaders took place as he rushed to hug US President Joe Biden. Mr Macron appeared to break Covid protocol by jumping into a conversation with the US President. It is unclear what the pair discussed but Mr Macron could be seen putting his arm around Joe Biden as they walked together.

One viewer tweeted: “Macron was hanging behind after the group photo to stick with Biden for photo op. He managed it in the end!

“I bet – Biden with arm around little man Macron – will be cover photo in French press tomorrow.”

White House Bloomberg reporter Josh Wingrove tweeted: “Biden and Macron each had an arm around each other as they walked away after the so-called G-7 family photo.

“Biden threw his arm around Macron. The mics didn’t pick up what they said. Ursula von der Leyen was chatting with them, too.”

One person joked: “Lobbying over the Brexit sausage war?”

Boris Johnson was walking ahead of the pair, as he held a brief chat with Angela Merkel, who is marking her last G7 as German Chancellor.

A push for global Covid vaccinations and climate change are due to be the focus of the summit between the leaders.


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