'Never said anything important!' Ex-Tory MP slams Liz Truss over cliche-full speeches


    Liz Truss’ speeches were full of cliches and were not easy for voters to relate to, a former Tory MP has claimed. Matthew Parris, who now works as a journalist at the Times, made the observation during an appearance on BBC Newsnight last night.

    Mr Parris, who served as the Conservative MP for West Derbyshire from 1979 to 1986, said: “I don’t take any great pride in that.

    “It was absolutely obvious, surely, all along.

    “I wrote last year that when she was still Foreign Secretary that she would make a terrible leader.

    “She has never said anything important or interesting or thoughtful.

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    “Her speeches are simply composed of cliches and she doesn’t seem to be able to relate to people in conversation.”

    He added: “I can’t think why the Conservative Party chose her in the first place.”

    Ms Truss yesterday announced she would resign as Prime Minister pending a leadership contest.

    Boris Johnson, who only left Number 10 last month, has emerged as a potential candidate in the race.

    The survey of 1,632 voters on October 19 and 20 finished just ahead of Ms Truss’ dramatic resignation today.

    But the results confirmed a collapse in trust in her Government, with 70 percent having a negative opinion.


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