New EU driving law may be the first step to 'force' UK motorists to adopt driverless cars


    Motoring lawyer Nick Freeman has warned the introduction of EU mandatory speed limiters will lead to “massive resistance” from the public as drivers fight for their freedoms. The new driving law means all new cars sold in the EU will be fitted with the speed limiters from July 2022 in a bid to boost road safety.

    Despite leaving the EU last year, the UK is expected to adopt the rule so manufacturers can build cars to a similar standard.

    However, Mr Freeman has predicted the move is just the first in a bigger agenda to stop drivers from having any control over their vehicles.

    Speaking to, he said: “Maybe what the Government are doing is they are trying to beat us into submission into autonomous motoring.

    “I think that is how I see this.

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    “Those speeds are being reduced all the time for a variety of different reasons: safety, pollution etc…

    “The prognosis is not good for petrolheads, it is not good.”

    The new tools will use sign recognition cameras and GPS technology to determine local speed limits.

    The system will then limit the engine’s power once a driver reaches the maximum speed in an area.


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